Famous Man Of Letters Blames Interruption Marketing For Many Of Our Ills

The Sunday newspaper insert, Parade, asked Norman Mailer, “If you could do one thing to change America for the better, what would it be?”
Mailer said, “If the desire to read diminishes, so does one’s ability to read. The search for a culprit does not have to go far.
The constant interruption of concentration on TV advertising not only dominates much of our lives, but over the long run is bound to bleed into our prosperity.
If we want to have the best of all possible worlds, we had better realize that we cannot have all the worlds.

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  • Tim

    Yeah, I read that article too and got a good laugh. While I do not believe that advertising is a saintly profession, to blame kids’ short attention span on television commercial is silly. I lost a little respect for Mailer with that comment.

  • http://adpulp.com David Burn

    I think he’s right in a lot of ways, but we’d also need to ban video games, remote controls, 700 satellite channels, the internet, and whatever other distractions I’m leaving out here. In other words, there’s no chance in hell of it ever happening.