Fallon Puts “Happy Holidaze” To Bed

Thanks to Fallon’s New York office, one p.c. term for the holidaze has been replaced by another much longer and more difficult to say p.c. term.
To support Virgin Mobile, Fallon whipped up the “Chrismahanukwanzakah” moniker, appealing to all religious sects in one multiple syllable word.
The seasonal campaign features greeting cards, designed by British illustrator Fiona Hewitt. The cards depict a reindeer with a menorah for antlers, an African angel holding a dreidel, and a Hindu Santa Claus.
This week, Virgin Mobile, with U.S. headquarters in Warren, N.J., had costumed roller skaters hand out the greeting cards and chocolate coins to pedestrains in New York City.
The campaign was pure Virgin, Wayne Best, ACD at the agency, said. “They tackle tricky issues with a sledgehammer.”

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  1. Seems our Moslem brothers and sisters got passed over on this one. Coincidence I guess.

  2. Even MORE seasonal, and guaranteed not to “offend” the seasonably offendable, would be a totally white card with matching white type. Of course, it would be impossible to read, but what the hell, it IS Christmas, right? And you have probably already had a couple of cups of holiday cheer by the time you opened the card, so make up your own greeting.

  3. White on white? No thanks. I’d be looking for the invisible ink to appear, and probably miss several key gridiron matchups in the process.
    Better stick with Chrismahanukwanzakah.