Facebook Fatigue Bogs Digerati Down

Scoble, Calacanis and Om Malik are all writing about “Facebook Fatigue.” So there must be something to it.
The again, maybe not. Colin Pape in a comment on GigaOm puts it this way:

I think you media pundits are forgetting that most of us don’t have 4,000 people wanting to become our friends, and we don’t seem to have invitations to trendy events flooding our inboxes.
For us, Facebook seems to work just fine.
I have a feeling that Zuckerberg’s intended audience was not the 10 people out there who are geek media moguls like you, Calacanis and Scoble.

I’m new to Facebook and only have 14 friends there. I’m also relatively new to MySpace but have 421 friends over there. They’re totally different networks. Then there’s LinkedIn, where I can see some crossover with Facebook, but right now I’m thinking Facebook is a place to go deeper within a tighter circle.
Jeremy Pepper also left an interesting comment on Om’s post. He said, “There’s no reason you should or have to accept every invitation. I have invites sitting there right now that are going to continue to sit there.”
[UPDATE] Two soc nets Scoble & Co. won’t be joining: CafeMom and StyleMob.

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  1. The whole fatigue thing is just odd – you don’t hear the real FB members (remember, those college kids) complaining about fatigue, but rather that the network is now open. That walled garden’s door is unlocked, and that’s the issue for them.
    Not everyone is a friend, nor do they deserve that special title.

  2. Well there are also other social networks out there that are better, technology speaking.
    For example, our app, ClutterMe.com I would like to think fits into one of those categories.

  3. I would call it social network fatigue. If someone else asks me to join another thing with them and be their friend I’m going to freak out. I just got another one today called Pownce. And all kinds of people are asking me to join their facebook network – people I hardly know. And then there’s all the freaks on myspace trying to ask me to join my page or whatever. And all these emails pile up, man. They are starting to take over my life. Oh, hold on, I think I just got one from linked in – someone wants me to endorse them. Now I gotta go write an essay for this woman. Shit.