Facebook (And Everyone Else) Takes A Drudging

David Carr, who writes “The Media Equation” in The New York Times, reminds us how wildly influential Matt Drudge and his website are. “With no video, no search optimization, no slide shows, and a design that is right out of mid-’90s manual on HTML, The Drudge Report provides 7 percent of the inbound referrals to the top news sites in the country,” reports Carr.

By contrast, Facebook with its 600 million plus members drives just 3.3 percent of traffic to the top 21 news sites on the Web.

Gabriel Snyder of The Atlantic, told Carr, “He’s the best wire editor on the planet. He can look into a huge stream of news, find the hot story and put an irresistible headline on it.”

Which makes me think why do I bother with all this body copy? I basically do exactly what Drudge does, but I frame the media-centric topics in an article, versus just in a headline. Yet, who has time for all these articles and all this analysis? You want stuff you can scan and click, don’t you?

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