Fabulous Hairballs

Have you seen Blow Out on Bravo? It’s all about Jonathan Antin, hairdresser to the stars, and his product launch. In other words it’s a 60-minute commercial.
Here’s a quote from the man himself on his QVC appearance:

People that watch the show know that I am not normally at a loss for words, but QVC is huge. Once they started telling me that the channel is in 87 million homes, I started to see it as a huge stepping stone. That was a little frightening at first. But, you know what, you got to just go for it. I knew I could do it. It was in me. I just had to stay in the moment and be about the hair.

p.s. Did you know QVC stands for Quality Value Convenience? You learn something every day.

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  1. I can’t bear to watch that kind of TV, but I did enjoy his appearance on the first season of Da Ali G Show, when “Bruno” encouraged him to launch a rant about “dirty raghead terrorists.”