Experiential Spawns WOM

Dockers is turning to trunk-shows in effort to convince a small gorup of influential women to wear the brand’s clothes.
Dockers is inviting between 50 and 70 women to each of eight events dubbed “Dockers Style Sessions,” in hotel suites in cities such as Sacramento, Calif., Cincinnati, and McLean, Va. The first event is in San Francisco on Thursday.
The shows coincide with a print-ad campaign in roughly a dozen magazines, including Lucky and Glamour, that also features the new fall clothing line. Style experts from some of the fashion magazines carrying its ads are expected to offer style tips to trunk-show attendees.
The marketer plans to create a Web site to stay in touch with the women who participate in the trunk shows as a way of keeping dialogue going. The site will be used as a continuing online focus group for Dockers, the company says.
“It’s about being much more integrated and reaching women through multiple touch points,” says Sherri Phillips, Dockers’ vice president of marketing.
[via The Wall Street Journal (paid sub. req.)]

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  1. Invite 50 to 70 women.
    Here is what you need to do dockers. maybe you hve done it, but iI hven’t noticed, or maybe it’s because of the shape of things in America.
    First of all you need to get your pants to fit the rearend correctly. This has lots to do with experimenting with patternmaking and engineering. Try just adjusting the length of the front crotch in ratio with the legth and curve of the back crotch, and where the inseam meets the crotch seem. If women would learn about clothing engineering, they would see how much that has to do with style and fit instead of just worrying about the look.
    Anyway, I heard, too, that Martha Stewart is bringing back sewing to her show. That’s a hint that women have long lost sense of those silly household skills like sewing and knitting. But the ones who didn’t still have a clue even though they don’t get paid for playing the game.
    Call me or instead you’ll just put it on a TV morning show where I might be able to catch a blurb, and mutter under my breath that this should be common knowledge.