Exotic Locations Part of the Deal Creative Teams Make With Their Corporate Overlords

Whopper Virgins, are people who’ve never had relations with “that burger.”
Whopper Virgins is also a new entry in the long war for burger supremacy from the happy go lucky crew at Crispin Porter & Bogusky.
That The Wall Street Journal would pick up on blogged criticism of the work must really bend the Crispinis into pretzel shapes.
Beth Pinsker on AOL’s WalletPop wrote:

“What might irk people is the concept that Burger King is taking its fat-laden fast food to people who aren’t used to this stuff in their diets, who aren’t usually subject to our crass commercials, and who probably don’t really care too much.”
Taking a foreign diet to people who are not used to it is almost cruel, at the very least it is mocking them through colonialism. And even if you say, hey, this is just a little ad gimmick and really just a joke, then why are we OK using remote cultures as an advertising punchline in this way?

Can you imagine how a copywriting frat boy in Miami or Boulder might respond to such posturing?
A short documentary, directed by former skateboard champion turned documentarian Stacy Peralta (Dogtown and Z-Boys and Riding Giants), will debut on the Whopper Virgins site in three days.

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  1. Oh noes!
    Well, the criticism went from blogs to mainstream press.
    The Crispin counteroffensive in the comment section blog bowels didn’t work out, and now the MSM gotcha media has latched on to a meme created by blog nerds.
    This is how titanium becomes a silver integrated. You kids should’ve had your moves ready! You must’ve known SOMETHING like this would’ve happened. That’s just poor planning!
    I’m surprised CPB doesn’t employ planners and Jr’s just to spin bad blog PR.