EVE Is Real. With A Museum To Prove It.

In an effort to promote and celebrate EVE, one of the longest-running MMOs (Massively Multiplayer Online Games) out there, the folks at game developer CCP and their agency Ayzenberg Group have created an online museum of sorts to showcase user-generated content at www.eveisreal.net.

According to the its creators, the site is a place where “players highlight their memorable in-game moments, and are encouraged to share their experiences through Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.  The campaign’s aim is to turn “EVE Online” players into “EVE-angelists,” compelling new people to join the game.” Giveaways for users are also involved, including over $6 million in in-game currency plus a chance to win high-end PC hardware. A quick click through user contributions on the site reveals everything from screen grabs of ships and artwork to videos of entire battles. (One even has a KE$HA soundtrack on it. I’ll assume that one isn’t Space Legal.)

The museum is set to remain up indefinitely to act as a repository of all things EVE.

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