Ernie’s Tempest

Ernie Schenck asked why Hispanics need their own advertising awards show. There have been 39 responses to his question thus far.
Here’s a segment of one response, from High Jive:

I think we need Hispanic shows for many reasons. The first is to generate positive pr for Hispanic agencies. The work being produced in these shops doesn’t get the respect and coverage it deserves. Publications like Advertising Age and Adweek do a miserable job of reporting on multicultural efforts. I’d hazard a guess that the overwhelming majority of your visitors have never even heard of Marketing y Medios.

You’re right, High Jive. I’ve never heard of Marketing y Medios. Thanks for the pointer.

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  1. Speaking as a black creative whose won awards and put in 13 years on everything from Mercedes to Wrigleys to Sprite to Cingular to Aleve. lemme offer the following for consideration:
    Over the years, without fail, over 99% of the judges at all of our industry’s awards shows both those great and small, those national and local have been white men and white women.
    What if we decided that for 2006 all of our awards shows from the Clios and One Shows down to the Andys and Effies down to every single marginal regional and student show were to be judged exclusively by folks from Burrell, Global Hue, AdmerAsia… in other words, only Black Latino and Asian Creatives Allowed. No Whites.
    Sounds absurd huh? Considering that’s been the de facto practice for generations in the other direction why not give it a shot? I’ll tell you why. Because every white person in the ad world would boycott the shows while screaming reverse racism and condescendling quoting the only 4 words of MLK, Jr. that they’re comfortable with knowing.
    But again, the accepted wisdom for this is that whites are such experts on humanity that they can judge great work and great ideas fairly no matter who creates them and no matter who the target is. that assessment sounds extreme, i know. but again, if we flipped the script and marched in all black judges/all judges of color we all know what the outcome would be.
    We do have a problem in our industry. let’s no beat up on HighJive for addressing it okay?
    just my two cents.

  2. Hadji,
    Thanks for dropping by.
    I want to read your book. Looks good.
    HighJive has respect in these parts.
    And I like your idea about all black, Hispanic and Asian juries. I’d submit to that.

  3. And I’ll second what David just said. Both Hadji and HighJive are welcome on here–and both have been right on in this week’s Hispanic award show/Neil French debates, IMHO.
    I have a feeling Hadji’s book is gonna be one terrific read.