Embody Fearlessness

Steffan Postaer has been warming up on his blog, Gods of Advertising, for the past few months.
Today he put hot iron to flesh in a post about fear.

By definition the creative process is fearless. Scared people don’t make anything well except walls and weapons. Humphry Davy and Thomas Edison did not invent the light bulb to put out a fire. They were looking forward, which is what creators do. Invention is the by-product of an open mind.

Postaer goes on to say fear destroys once it makes its way inside the agency. Which is a reality I’m sure we all know well.
Let me think…What do people in the agency business fear most?
1) That they’ll be canned
2) That they’ll be embarrassed in a meeting
3) That their peers are making more money than they are
4) That they’ve sold their souls
5) That they’ll need to continue to do so to keep the money coming in
6) That someone’s going to find out they’re a hack
7) That all the late hours and travel isn’t good for the family
8) That it’s all a waste of time and talent
9) That they coulda been a contendah
I’m sure there are more. The point is don’t sweat it.

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  • http://adpulp.com Bill

    Is Postaer just coming to these realizations now? His observations seem obvious and unoriginal. Quoting FDR on fear is pretty, well, scary.

  • Carl LaFong

    Maybe so, Bill. Still, I gotta say “Scared people don’t make anything well except walls and weapons” is a nice line.