Email Is Good Again (Advertising Is Still Bad)

Anti spam solution provider, Mail Frontier, is advertising in bathrooms.
Thanks to Room 116 for the post.

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  1. OK, maybe you media planner-types out there can answer these questions:
    1) How does one negotiate rates for urinals?
    2) How do you measure ROI (or is it piss-thru percentage)?
    3) Who goes around to all the urinals in all the buildings and applies these ad stickers on the urinals?
    4) Are there higher rates for more public restrooms and lower rates for, say, the kind in office buildings you need a key to access?
    Oh, this guerrilla marketing isn’t as simple as it looks…

  2. Ben Bergman says:

    Even better, I was at a bar with two of my friends and there was an ad for DNA Paternity Testing. I took a picture to show to my to female friends, “Fast and Affordable Expert Testing” 1-800-IDENTITY. If I was an expert that is exactly where I would want my ad.