Dunkin’ Donuts Hung By Scarf

Super sensitive conservatives are freaking out about Rachel Ray’s choice of neckwear in a Dunkin’ Donuts spot. Apparently, the scarf is like some kind of gang sign, except the gang in question is from Palestine.
I wonder if this means I need to boycott falafel to prove my loyalty to the USA. I hope not. I bet it’s okay, as long as I order a side of freedom fries.
[via Little Green Footballs]

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  1. Ironically, Dunkin’ Donuts offerings are more dangerous to Americans’ health and well-being than the actions of any Palestinian gangs.

  2. I’m terrified by her face!

  3. One can only imagine how alarmed these touchy conservatives get each winter when grandmas everywhere wrap themselves in afghans. 🙂

  4. Fortyver says:

    The sound of a ship going down. Goodbye, Wingnut welfare.
    Finally, folks are tiring of the Malkins, Coulters, Savages, Hannity’s, O’Reilly’s, etc… Don’t get me wrong. The deadenders will still follow these fools around, but folks are realizing that we have some big ass problems domestically and the Iraq War was a fools errand. So, why not start distracting people with scarves or what have you. Somehow I doubt the bulk of customers who patronize Dunkin Donuts even care or for that matter, believe Michelle Malkin. Funny thing is how the hell did she and her wussy husband, Jesse, make it out of Oberlin without having all the hippies beat the crap out of them? Yeah, I know hippies are all peace loving and what not, but these two are unbearable.

  5. Malkin went to Oberlin? That certainly explains things. The poor thing’s clearly scarred by her experience there.

  6. Call me silly, but really, the first thing I think of when i see scarves…well the second, because i still remember when we wore them and the boys used to think they were hickey hiders…do people even give each other hickeys anymore?
    Now my cynical mind just jumps to a scarf as an easy line to photoshop heads onto bodies in a real time pressure
    You can tell I don’t watch the news, neither the food channel, nor do I drink coffee. I didn’t think of any of those things that you all are thinking of.

  7. Wait a minute what is that in the background of the picture, is that a masjid or mosque? Wooh, Wooh are those cherry blossoms. The symbolism of cherry blossoms became part of Japanese consciousness in the 9th century. From the end of the 19th century, the Japanese military government started to use cherry blossoms as a symbol of young soldiers willing to sacrifice themselves for their country. I see why they pulled the ad. GIVE ME A BREAK…PUT THE AD BACK ON.

  8. Schrodinger's Copywriter says:

    Shame on Dunkin for pulling this ad based on such stupid and overtly racist criticism.

  9. come on, people! she uses the scarf to restrict her iced blended quad bearclaw kruller glazed dozen consumption. in the screen cap, she was just about to pull it taut when she decided to ask for just one more.

  10. bluegrass says:

    It’s not just the scarf, the entire ad campaign featuring the annoying Ray is terrible. The only thing I want to rush out and purchase after seeing these spots is a gun to shoot her.

  11. Fortyver says:

    David- Yes, they did go to Oberlin. I being pretty liberal, would have been scarred from attending there. I have some friends who went to Oberlin, an ex-girlfriend as well. All they talk about when they get together is who had sex with who while at Oberlin. It was weird. I am not saying that all Oberlin grads are that vapid, but maybe Michelle and Jesse weren’t getting any in college. Some find her hot. I find her scary, in a scared of rabid shitzu’s kind of way.

  12. My mom wears scarves.
    And you know what? She has been acting a little dodgey lately.

  13. postacomment says:

    “America Runs from Scarfs”

  14. It took a scarf to do what the agency and client should have done a long time ago…