Drive Thru Loaves And Fishes

USA Today reports that KFC has big plans for its new Fish Snacker–a filet of 100% Alaskan Pollack topped with tartar sauce and served on a sesame bun.

In an unusual move, KFC sent a letter to Pope Benedict XVI, asking him to lend his personal seal of approval for the item “as a way for members of your flock to keep a holy Lenten season.”
Vatican officials confirmed they received KFC’s request, and the company is hopeful to get the pope’s blessing this Lenten season.
“People can enjoy the flavor of the new Fish Snacker any day of the week, but we believe it will be especially popular on Fridays,” said James O’Reilly, chief marketing officer for KFC, a part of Yum Brands.

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  1. didn’t jesus feed the masses with five loaves of bread and two fish? kfc probably needs to sell a lot more than that in order to justify its pr stunt.

  2. Is this stunt more insulting or pathetic? I continue to wonder what the leadership at Draft/FCB is thinking. Let’s see…
    “I bet the Pope will be spokesman for a new, fish sandwich!”
    “Two lions having sex is a great visual! Quick, send a copy of the ad to Wal-Mart’s board of directors!”
    Maybe if Draft/FCB don’t get the Pope, they can stick Jesus’ picture on an FSI. I believe it’s rights-released.
    As an old, Southern Baptist friend once said, “They is goin’ t’hell!”

  3. Wished I thought of it.

  4. wwjd: where would jesus dine