Drink Coffee, Defeat Cancer

Cancer is an epidemic that touches just about every one of us. Cancer is at once universal and deeply personal.

Tapping into this truth helps makes this Breast Cancer Awareness initiative from Caribou Coffee and Colle+McVoy come together at a higher level.

The label on each package of Amy’s Blend–named in honor of Amy Erickson, a cherished, former roastmaster at Caribou who lost her life to breast cancer–can be peeled back, allowing consumers to write in the name of a friend or family member–dedicating the bag to them.

So, Amy’s Blend, a 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee, is really everyone’s blend.

This seasonal promo is also a great case study for scaling one-to-one. The brand created a platform for customers here. The platform also happens to be the face of Caribou’s product. That takes skill.

Plus, this is innovative packaging that results in an Old School Interactive Experience (also known as an OSIE). OSIEs are rad.

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