Dressing The Part At Sears

Chicago Sun Times: Some Sears salespeople may now dress in any color they want — as long they wear Sears clothes.
Salespeople in apparel, jewelry and accessories departments can tear off those dull black or white pullovers and black or tan pants — which they could get from any store — and replace them with colorful Sears duds, starting today, according to an internal memo.
Men may pick their colorful clothes from Sears’ brands such as Lands’ End, Covington, Structure, Dockers and Arrow.
Women have a wider selection, including lines such as Apostrophe, A-Line, Latina Life, First Issue, Belongings and c.l.o.t.h.e.s.
The new dress code comes a week after Sears’ new CEO, Aylwin Lewis, ordered employees to prove their loyalty by no longer bringing rival stores’ shopping bags, packages or anything advertising competitors’ logos onto Sears Holdings property.

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  1. apparently alywin has never tried to survive on the puny salary that sears pays its employees I cant believe he said that ……ok alwin suppose you give your employees some more hours and maby a little overtime or how about you pay us a salary we can live on without having to work two or more jobs to make ends meet . who am i to be loyal to? sears or the other company? seems to me if you want loyalty …maybe you should try some loyalty to your workers I would gladly give 100% to sears if it gave the same consideration to us. last year you took a big chunk of our commision away. next year your plan is to take our pension away. and our insurance is going to shit.if you want to be so much like wall mart then why dont you be wall mart…..Dont preach loyalty to me when you have no idea what loyalty realy is…….signed …..a loyal sears employee

  2. Um…What are they going to do? Are they going to check my underwear? I’m going to wear whatever the heck I want, when I want, and how I want. They have no right to strip search me so they can’t prove that it didn’t come from their store……DUH!

    • Melanie Greenwood says:

      Um…no you don’t. You take a paycheck from someone (however low it may be) and you follow their rules.

  3. I had work at sears for about 2 years as a Tool consult. and from the first day i started they never gave me a sears t-shirt that say sears tool… and i’am tired wearing the same color over and over again. black, and white. i would like to wear like blue, which we have a sale going on like wish big… or can sear supply their workers with t-shirt…. does any body know where online can i buy sears employee’s clothes that will be great.

  4. anonymous says:

    i work at sears now and i can tell you they are still making us wear the white or black collared shirt and black or kakhi pants! its a hassle i had to go to JcPenny to buy work clothes because sears didnt even have anything ot match the dress code in the store!!

  5. SO… Now that we have the Sears-KMart merge, I am stuck in the grossest old KMart building, which is like, falling apart everywhere the customers can’t see… And we are informed that we must wear khaki pants and a dark blue polo shirt, and black shoes. I have been there two weeks, and have yet to speak to a manager outside of the interviewing process, I was put in a room on a computer and basically left to my own devices for the online training… I don’t know the extreme stipulations of the dresscode, as far as body modifications, hair color, tattoos, etc, but I have noticed several other employees with tattoos below the sleeves, and a girl with a nose ring… But I’m thinking of dying my hair pink and seeing if that helps out with my “consultive sales” since we average less than 100 customers a day.

  6. another sears employee says:

    im just another sears employee, and well im sick and tired of how sears runs in general. management as a whole is horrible in my store, and we’ve had recent “raises”, actually lowering our pay. We’re now going onto commission, and will earn minimum wage most days when we could work elsewhere and not have to wear the “sears dress code appropriate attire”.

  7. I start soon, I have to go out and get all black clothes. black dress slacks and shirts. Maybe even a tie. new pair of shoes.
    I thought I would be able to wear any color dress slacks and shirts. But its like this with a lot of companies. Theres something that people will never like about it.

  8. Weird. At the store I work at, the dress code is looser. As long as we look ‘professional’ we can wear our own clothing. Some sales associates even get away with wearing jeans.

  9. lerch B says:

    I don’t like the way sears treats their virgins. Managers are perverts. I am a male and it’s even worse because at 19 I am expected to fit in with the rest of these fu ckers.

  10. hollie ivy says:

    men can get away with sexual harrassment. there is at least one that has been talking to several times and nothing seems to get done.

  11. I’m a retired auto worker (2002) who was recently hired in sales support at a Sears Grand Store in northern Ohio/ I have never seen an operation run so foolishy as I have at Sears…it’s no wonder thay have to make so many cutbacks…they have idiots running the store.!
    I’ve never in my 31 years as a UAW member seen, so much buck passing, ignorance , lack of employee concern and general overall mis trust for employees and lack of respect for them.
    I’m now 55 years old and anyONE that tells me I don’t how the world works has their head DEEPLY embedded in their ass and doesn’t know it yet .
    I was never trained properly on the procedures of my job …yet managers and MOD’s typically find everything I do to be incorrect…but never phrase ONE thing you try to do at ANY time..and when you ask for help….you get every POSSIBLE excuse known to man or beast….they resort to make you feel small about the work you do and have no conception of appreciation for somebody that has worked hard all their lives. I cannot wish any worse on a company than I do sears at the moment …I hope they go under so deep that they land in China..(in a chinaman’s asshole!)..what morons they allow to operate a multi million dollar circus……geeezz can it get any worse?
    I took this job to feel ,not only appreciated but to make some extra money to subsidize another hobby of mine which I have waited over 30 years to endeavor….I’m not getting one Ioda of help from sears….every week I work a different day…offset crazy hours and they don’t do this to anyone EXCEPT me in this store…why don’t they have a website SO I can driecty tell the upper management what’s really going on at their stores!?!? I’m a human being….and I demand to be treated like one…Hey sears….UP your ass! KEEP your asshole job…!!!!

  12. I work at sears, and at my store we don’t have any of these problems. Everyone at my store works hard and we have been doing great. I think that the dress code adds to the proffesinalism of the store. I think commision is great because the harder you work the more you make. If you hate the job so much quit, someone else is sure to want it.

  13. another broke Sears slave says:

    Thanks for making me buy those dress pants, shirts and ties, and then switching up the dress code to khaki pants and black shirts. What does Sears think I’m made of-money? Not f-ing likely, since Sears pays it’s employees shit. Thanks for that invisible turkey and ham you sent at Christmas. Next year save your cheap-asses the postage and don’t bother sending a tacky Christmas card, because no matter how you cook it, it still tastes like shit. Good life at a great price , my poor white ass! Got to go to the food bank now, going to get my poor hungry kids some more beans and rice. Burn in hell Mr.Sears.

  14. dr. jekyll/r. hyde says:

    Sears is the worst place, i ever worked at in my entire life. The pay sucks, the training sucks, the managers and employees running rampant with attitudes who half the time dont know what they are talking about OR doing, and the impatient customers…. WHOOOO! there were times that i was thinking so hard to remember that 19-hr. training that was cramed into my head less than a week and (didnt even finish)on top of all the stress,that i thought i would die of a brain anuerysm. Safe to say, i left Sears and never looked back!!! I agree with everything everyone has said about how crappy Sears is. Every time i go to a manager or HR rep with a question, they look me up and down and talk to you as if your some bumbling idiot wating THEIR time! Most employees dont even have a chance to finish their training ,so they send new employees out there that less-than-half-butt know their job, and get mad whenenver you mess up or ask questions about certain functions. I worked there for 2 weeks like a good soldier, and then QUIT! that was 1 month ago…. AND I STILL HAVE YET TO RECIEVE MY PAYCHECK!!! The people at HR have attitudes and i have asked them 2 times already about paychecks, and they basically tell me to “get lost”. I will tell everyone i know, of how horrible Sears is.

  15. To Mike S. Dude screw Sears if you are 55 and retired and you have experience with Auto work i assume that means you are pretty damn mechanically incline. I would go somewhere like Lowes or home Depot. they treat their employees a little better and that have prefrence for people who are retired and have experience, the pay and benifits are a little better to. Or look for jobs that state retirees welcome


    all you guys have to beg me to get the day off. who’s the boss? i am!

  17. Hi, I just started at sears UTC and am not so worried about the dress code. I completely understand the need for uniformity. What I am concerned about is the way the employees are treated. It seems that the managers try to rule with fear. One one occasion I had my shades hanging around my neck and was told that it was not allowed. I tried to explain that I had been wearing them for 3 weeks and was not instructed to remove them until this occsasion. I was then told that I was not to “back-talk”. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!??? I’m 41 years old. I’ve served in 3 foreign military campains and was injured in Iraq. The beauty is that I will start graduate school at the end of August and will scale my hours back to the bare minimum.