Draft Investigates Itself, Clears Itself Of Wrongdoing

The Chicago Tribune reports on the aftermath of DraftFCB’s Wal-Mart win/loss.

Observers of the ad business had been waiting for a reaction from DraftFCB, which finds itself under the glare of publicity and seemingly in a vulnerable business position. Wal-Mart took back its account this month, even before DraftFCB had started work for the retailer, indicating that something had gone wrong during the pitch process.
In response, Draft on Thursday issued a memo titled “Truth and Trust” to staffers and select clients that seeks to end the rampant industry speculation and media coverage that have surrounded DraftFCB’s wooing of Wal-Mart for its prized $570 million advertising account.
In the memo, a copy of which was obtained by the Tribune, Draft said the agency began a “careful and methodical review of how the pitch was conducted on our end” following Wal-Mart’s decision to fire advertising chief Julie Roehm and, a day later, DraftFCB.
“As of this morning,” he wrote, “we have completed this investigation, which has not uncovered any instances in which we violated either [DraftFCB or Interpublic] policy. It is important for you to know that–and equally important that our clients know that.”

Good. Case closed. Right?

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  1. *sniff* *sniff*
    Do you smell that?

  2. memo went on to say “We merely lost the account because our leadership was totally stupid and unjustifiably arrogant. Move along, nothing to see here, nothing to see here.”

  3. did the investigation uncover who was responsible for the cannes lions ad? or will it remain a mystery like the o.j. simpson affair.
    perhaps mr. draft will someday write a book titled, “if i did it.”

  4. Sharon Post says:

    maybe adweek will do the right thing and name gsd&m “agency of the year” for something like, say, having integrity?