Don’t Touch That Dollar Bill. It’s Been Near A Gay Person.

Rangelife points to this story from Focus on the Family (a misnomer if there ever was one):

Focus on the Family has fired its banker; Wells Fargo because the bank is among the largest corporate contributors to homosexual causes.
In 2003 alone, Wells Fargo gave $2.1 million to more than 95 non-profit agencies serving the homosexual community. That brings their total giving since the 1980’s to more than $14 million.
Focus on the Family is sympathetic to the homosexual community but opposes the radical agenda by activists. The ministry will be switching all its banking to First National Bank Omaha, described as a family-friendly institution. Wells Fargo declined to comment.
Wells Fargo has won several awards for recognizing the GLBT community including scoring a perfect 100 on the Human Rights Campaign’s “Equality Index.”

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  1. So how long before somebody at FNBO is outed?

  2. And according to this article, don’t touch that Ford, Land Rover, or Jaguar either

  3. Not long I can imagine. Paul Crouch from Trinity Broadcasting Service has been trying to silence a possible ex-parmour. The fundies are always walking the fence and ready to fall hard at any time.

  4. IOW, the organization is trying to do what they want to with their own money.
    Those bastards!