Don’t Pooh Pooh The Choo Choo

According to The Wall Street Journal, railroad companies are starting to market themselves as the ultimate eco-friendly, low-fuel-consuming industry.
For instance, a new CSX Corp. radio ad declares that even the most fuel-efficient hybrid car can’t compete with a train, which “can move a ton of freight 423 miles on a single gallon of fuel.”
“Too bad we can’t all drive a train,” the announcer says before urging listeners to visit CSX’s Web site to learn about the Jacksonville, Fla., company’s “commitment to protecting the environment.”
Freight trains now use much cleaner and more fuel-efficient diesel engines, and railroad companies are testing new engines that the industry is touting as “ultralow-emission.”
Many environmentalists acknowledge that the railroads have a powerful argument, given that freight trains burn far less fuel than trucks and can help reduce highway congestion.

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  • Steve Jerman

    Great Headline!

  • David Burn

    Thanks Steve. I’m still lingering over that factoid that I bolded. Wow.

  • Flylines

    Enjoy your blog. Am trying to learn from how others are using their blogs.
    My real reason for commenting is to ask a question. Our product has recently been featured on a new Honda Pilot commercial. We have posted it to our new blog but now need to figure out how to get people to see it and relate it to our offerings. Any suggestions?
    You can see the ad at
    It is the third post down.
    Thanks for any help.

  • David Burn

    You’re doing it already by blogging about it and commenting on others’ blogs. But it takes time to get the word out, and it takes time to accumulate precious Google juice. If there are other blogs in your industry, or in your community, be sure to participate there. Good luck, and thanks for coming by.