Don’t Panic, Grow Organic

John Adams planted a garden in the White House lawn. Will President Obama?
According to Associated Press, many small scale organic farmers think it would be a great idea. In fact, they’ve organized on a Web site dedicated to nominating the nation’s first official White House Farmer. Over 27,000 votes have poured in so far.
Former pro basketball player Will Allen, who transformed into an urban vegetable farm in Milwaukee is one of 100 farmers from 33 states to be nominated.

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  1. well this one i know from my kids, too, cause i don’t like to be taken with false claims and pay a high dollar price for organic that’s not certified.
    “In order to be certified organic, crops must be grown on land free of prohibited substances for at least three years prior to harvest. Crops grown on land in transition to organic (during the first three years after switching from conventional farming) cannot be labeled as organic.” from the Organic Trade Organization.
    Have they been weeding the white house lawn by hand or using organic fertilizers, etc? If so, go for it!