More Than A Feeling

Erin at Out of Character is living proof that the millions of dollars being spent by marketers on scent and sound is worth every penny.

I went to Costco today to pick up laundry detergent and…approximately $90 worth of other crap I totally don’t need, and much to my orgasmic delight and/or horror I stumbled upon an advertised demo stereo that was blasting “Boston”. I quickly discovered that I was only physically able to move my cart in a thirty-foot radius around said stereo, and thus I was only able to purchase batteries and replacement ink jet cartridges.

This is learning Eveready and HP can’t readily get from focus groupies. Thanks to the humorously rendered confessional blog, we know beyond any doubt that 70s rock can turn ugly necessities into desirable packaged goods.
Powerful stuff, this. Handle with care.

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