Don’t Believe Everything You Read

According to Ad Age, Orlando startup PayPerPost is paying bloggers to shill for it’s clients.

Granted, a full-time income isn’t uncommon in the blogosphere, where plenty of bloggers aggregate eyeballs with daily musings on everything from politics to pets to how to make a living.
But advertisers have until now taken a hands-off approach to blog content, buying mostly banner ads clearly distinguishable as advertising. What makes the PayPerPost’s model different is the integration of the “ad” into the content of the blogs in a systematic, automated way.
The company has raised $3 million in venture-capital funds.

Perhaps in anticipation of negative reaction from bloatospheric pundits, PayPerPost addresses the transparency issue at the heart of this issue with the launch of today.

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  1. daveednyc says:

    Good for them. I may have found a reason to finally start my own blog.