Doner: MIA From The WWW

Nearly every ad agency on the planet has a website, be it good, bad, or ugly.
Except for one, it seems: Southfield, Michigan’s Doner Worldwide, who does work for Mazda, Six Flags, DuPont, and Blockbuster, among others. They do have registered and for use as an email domain.
But no site. Poking around the web the other day, I completely came up empty on a search for Doner. Anyone know why?

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  1. Most agency sites are so bad…maybe Doner decided to save themselves the trouble.

  2. I can’t say for sure these days, but at one point, I know they subscribed to the theory that ad agencies with a web site obviously didn’t have enough client work to do.

  3. According to their CEO – the only people using agency web sites are the competition and they choose to remain an enigma in the community…. odd that a company makes millions off of digital including web sites and doesn’t have one of their own though…

  4. i’ve noticed doner hasn’t had a website for years, never understood why. to not have a site at this point defies logic. true, many agency sites are bad, but they are at the very least an excellent recruiting tool. i’ve never once interviewed at an agency without checking out their website first.

  5. i believe it’s because they don’t have a portfolio worth sharing.

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