Domino’s Puts Better Ingredients And An Honest Brand Story In The Oven

I can’t recall the last time I ordered a Domino’s pizza. But I do recall the feeling it left me with. Namely, that it was adequate.
Of course, adequate isn’t exactly what a food company wants to hear about its signature product. And Domino’s has been hearing a lot of like sentiments from its customers, which has led the Ann Arbor-based company to make some not insignificant changes to its core pizza recipe.

Domino’s new pizza will be in all U.S. stores beginning December 27.
The primary changes include:

  • Crust: A garlic seasoned crust with parsley baked to a golden brown
  • Sauce: Sweeter, bolder tomato sauce with a medley of herbs and a red
    pepper kick
  • Cheese: Shredded cheese made with 100% real mozzarella and flavored
    with just a hint of provolone

With the help of Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Domino’s will be marketing their new pizza aggressively in the next several weeks with advertising on many top-rated entertainment and sports programs, sampling opportunities throughout the country and a strong web-based presence. They will also motivate trial with a special introductory offer of two medium, two topping pizzas for $5.99 each.

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  • MsD

    Fantastic. As they improve their brand and we all buy more Dominoes pizza, we can know that we’re also supporting the huge donations to right-wing ideologies at the same time. Yea, Anti-Choice!

  • NICK

    I never eat Domino’s because the former owner was a fanatical Catholic who spent millions funding the anti-abortion movement. Personally, I don’t believe in putting Big Government into decisions between a woman and a doctor, and don’t support companies that want to infringe on our freedom and liberty. Yes, I know he is no longer involved in the company, but bitter memories die hard.