Doing “The Bish” Proud

The Escape Pod’s Vinny Warren on the joy of creating the print ad above:

When I was starting out in advertising in the early 90s I always fancied myself as an old-school hard sell print ad guy from a bygone era. But alas was born in the wrong decade. Ultimately I got diverted into doing mostly TV advertising and online stuff and branded content. I moved with the times I guess. A good thing. But part of me still wishes I was marketing a classic product directly.
And recently I got the opportunity to do just that. Escape Pod client Tear Mender glue approached us about creating print ads that will appear in all of things, PARADE magazine!

Man, every agency creative team could use a Tear Mender. I love nuts and bolts clients like this and the advertising they sometimes make.

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  1. i am with you david. i feel like a cat that has finally trapped a mouse. doing this is a pleasure. selling glue is pure selling. no image. love it.