Does Puking Get Me A Seat At The Table?

As we saw with Wild Turkey the other day, lots of liquor companies are taking to the TV (and YouTube) to solidify their brand.

Here’s Jagermeister’s new attempt at this, courtesy of Mistress in LA:

According to Michael Volke, Executive Board Member at Mast-Jagermeister SE, there’s a heritage to this brand I wasn’t aware of. “Jägermeister has always been consumed socially. This product was originally developed for, and dedicated to, hunters that have deep connections to their craft and each other. The ‘Stronger Bond’ campaign triggers stories of this kinship and bonding from the brand’s deep history and highlights that bond amongst this exceptional group of men.”

Well, it’s come a long way since then. Will this rebranding help change consumers’ image of Jagermeister? Does it change yours?

What I remember–vaguely–is that one night after a TV shoot in Chicago, my Creative Director did shots of Jager until we couldn’t find our way back to the hotel. Which was 3 blocks away. I, however, made it to the edit next morning. Man, that post house had nice editing, and bathroom, facilities.


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  1. I was introduced to Jager (and “Stronger Bonds”) in October of 1990, when I traveled around Europe with 3000 of my fellow American Deadheads. The whole tour was done by train, not automobile, so there was no room for any coolers, and the chilled brews that we’d come to enjoy. There was room in our backpacks for a bottle of Jager though. And for a few other items procured in Amsterdam. Let the good times roll…