Doc Not In It For Money

Blog Herald reports that Doc Searls is not in it for the money. To Doc, one’s blog is but one’s back porch. He also thinks the back porch is a bad place for a business plan.
I think he’s wrong. And right. One’s media property, or blog, may well be one’s back porch or guest room, but what’s wrong with doing business in these quarters? It’s a lot more human than some offices I’ve conducted business in.
[UPDATE from Doc’s blog]: “Here I am, being niched as The Guy Who Says Blogs Are Not For Making Money.
However, I didn’t say that.
Fact is, I have nothing against making money with blogs. What I tried to do at Bloggercon III, and in my conversation with Steven, was enlarge the conversation beyond making money with blogs, into making money because of blogs. I said that in my write-up for the session. I tried to say that in my series of questions for the session. As I’ve said often, and about many subjects, the logic is AND, not OR.”

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