Do You Know Someone Afflicted With the Poverty Virus?

Greater Twin Cities United Way and they people they serve are getting a helping hand from Campbell Mithun and MRM Worldwide.
According to Ad Age, today’s recession has expanded poverty outside its traditional third-world and inner-city areas. More people are in need of help and more charities are looking for the means to provide it. reminds people that the “face of poverty is changing” and asks for help. The site presents the problem through some startling facts (see above) and then directs viewers to either “Give, Advocate or Volunteer.”
I love that one can give $5 instantly by texting “TCUNITE” to 864833. The donation then appears on one’s cell phone bill. This text-to-give option addresses one of the huge obstacles to charitable giving–the fact that it’s not instant and easy.

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  1. That texting option is a great feature, and since it’s only five dollars it’s a sacrifice a lot of people are able to make, which will hopefully garner a lot of donations.