Denton Dobkin Dominate The Blogosphere

Taking a page from Nick Denton’s Gawker Media Empire playbook, Jake Dobkin, publisher of Gothamist has a nice little publishing business of his own. Actually, it’s not so little. Gothamist receives 30,000 unique visitors a day. And the model has spread to Chicago, LA, San Francisco, DC, London and Toronto. More proof that people love tabloid-style reporting on blogs.
The technologist at rest.
Here’s a recent writing sample from Chicagoist, that neatly turns a serious topic into Silly Putty:
“We don’t buy any prescription drugs. We don’t have health insurance. Those things are for sick people. So why do we continue to talk about prescription drug costs here on Chicagoist? Because we detest most rich people unless they give us money, provide us with entertainment or are smokin’ hot. Drug companies are richies getting richer and they don’t give us money. Plus, have you ever seen a sexy drug executive? No, you haven’t.” -Sam Bakken for Chicagoist

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