Dems Cowboys

My view of Denver is skewed from growing up in Nebraska and the fact that I twice lived there. I see it as a place where Neal Cassady was at home. Not as a cow town, by any stretch.
Yet this poster from Colorado designers Idaho Stew has stirred some to suggest the image reinforces an unwanted stereotype.
Unbutton your stuffed shirts, is my response to that. Even better, trade them in for shirts with pearl snaps.
[via The Denver Egotist]

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  1. World Famous Denver Rockmount Western Shirt Pearl Snaps that is . . .

  2. Yup – growing up in the countryside of Colorado for 30+ years I felt it ok to poke a little fun at ourselves. In reality the western figure is part of our heritage – and possibly it’s people who have moved here from other places that dislike it and want to sweep it under the rug. Or we’re suffering from an inferiority complex and feel we need to compete with the fancy cities. Not sure really – and actually it’s what we do have that speaks for itself. The city has expanded in culture and technology. The new DAM expansion is a great example of the progress in Denver.
    Although I bet the state doesn’t have any problems with the revenue that is generated from the National Stock Show every year 🙂
    Cheers and poke away at it. And it’s true – we hardly ride our horses into town anymore.