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The BBC reports that Delta Airlines suspended, Ellen Simonetti, a flight attendant for innapropriate photos posted to her personal blog, Queen of Sky.
When writing on her blog, Simonetti ensured she made no mention of which airline she worked for, and created fictional names for cities and companies. The airline’s name was changed to Anonymous Airline and the city in which she was based was called Quirksville.
A large part of the blog contained fictional stories because Queen of the Sky developed over the months as a character in her own right, according to Ms. Simonetti.
“They did not tell me which pictures they had a problem with. I am just assuming it was the one of me posing on seats where my skirt rode up,” she said.

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  • Clyde Hogg

    I could see the airline having a problem if the stew had the airline’s logo tattooed on her ass, displaying it while she was joining the mile-high club. Otherwise, very thin skin dissolves on the internet.

  • David Burn

    I know, it seems Delta might benefit from being seen as a brand with some sex appeal.
    This is on the heels of the Friendster software engineer who was canned in August for saying on her blog that the Friendster site was slow, but her team was helping it run faster. This might have been good news to the executive team at Friendster, but no.