Della Femina Loses Diners Over Poor Taste In Editorial

Ad man Jerry Della Femina owns a restaurant and a free weekly newspaper in The Hamptons.
According to Newsday, his newspaper is causing trouble for his restaurant.

A recent column about Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton in a free weekly owned by Hamptons luminary Jerry Della Femina so infuriated members of the East End Gay Organization that they canceled a fundraiser in Della Femina’s restaurant, leaders of the group said Friday.
Ken Allan, co-chair of the gay organization, said the language about Clinton in Rick Murphy’s “Low Tidings” column of Jan. 16 could not be ignored. “Terms were used such as ‘bull — — on steroids’ and ‘steely-eyed lesbo — — from hell.’ There was no reason to put homophobic slurs in that article,” Allan said.
“Oh, my God. We wrote that?” Della Femina said. “I’m in Manhattan. I didn’t read that.”

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  1. Hmmm…, “I’m in Manhattan. I didn’t read that.” What does it matter? He sets the tone for all of the crap that is printed in that paper. It is his only platform, as he has become increasingly irrelevent in the ad world. He’s the crazy old drunk on his porch yelling at the neighborhood kids, except with a huge megaphone.
    Jerry, you set the editorial agenda for your newspaper, and that makes you responsible for its content. Sorry, being out of town does not let you off the hook. Buh-Bye.

  2. Oh, here is a link to an article on The Huffington Post that gives you a good idea what Jerry’s paper is all about. Wanting to be the New York Post after a long distinguished career in advertising, is not the way one should want to be remembered.
    Nice that we can count on these folks to be the race baiters and just all around fucking idiots.