Dell Dude Bumped By Hot Rocker

Lewsis Lazare:: Sources confirm singer Sheryl Crow has been signed to star in upcoming Dell Computer commercials from DDB/Chicago, the company’s ad agency of record. One source said DDB executives were in London recently working with Crow. DDB referred an inquiry to a Dell spokesman, who declined comment.
Commercials with Crow would represent a sharp turnabout in Dell’s ad profile, which has been lackluster since the departure of the Dell Dude. A source said the Dude character still may return but most likely portrayed by someone other than Ben Curtis, who immortalized the phrase “Dude, you’re gettin’ a Dell.”

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  1. David,
    Where on Lewis’ column does it say this. Your link points to his summary article page and I couldn’t find any mention in the articles. Or, did Lewis tell you this himself?

  2. It is in his column from Friday. About half-way through.

  3. The reason I don’t link to Lazare’s actual article is due to the fact that the Sun Times recycles its perma pages. So, if I link to the article in question, in a month or so, the content on the page will have changed to something else. Strange, but true.

  4. I think the defintion of “hot” has definitely slipped if that is the case…
    even in terms of her career — she was hot circa 1997 or so… now she is just another AOR rocker for the suburbia set…

  5. Dan,
    Can u not see the suggestive pose and those thighs?
    And I didn’t know Lance Armstrong lived in the burbs.

  6. Alas… you must keep up on your gossip — Lance dumped her a couple of weeks ago…
    Somehow a dell laptop doesn’t fit in with the “suggestive” glance — maybe they are looking to save money on their advertising by getting her to the music for the commercials as well…

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