Dear National City Bank,

How stupid is your marketing department?
I leave town for 9 days and what did I find in the stack of mail upon my return?
1) A Visa “CheckCard” I never asked for, but is just sitting in an envelope any moron can feel has a card enclosed. It’s just there waiting to be “instantly activated.”
2) A letter containing my PIN number. The one that’s supposed to be a freakin’ secret.
Had anyone other than my trustworthy neighbor collected my mail, they could’ve taken #1 and #2 and cleaned out my bank account along with trashing my credit rating.
So fine. Whatever. I threw ’em away. But today, I got:
3) An DM invitation to subscribe to a $9 per month “Identity Protect” service that would supposedly protect me against identity theft and credit fraud.
Well, guess what. It’s fuckers like you, National City Bank, that are the problem in the first place by sending Direct Mail shit that can cause identity theft.
Your Campbell-Ewald-created ads use The Pretenders’ “Brass In Pocket” to build your brand. Well, guess what, I’m feeling pretty fucking far from “special” today.
And since my e-mail requesting no more solicitations came back with a “please call our customer service” non-answer, I’m using this blog to register my displeasure. This is why banks suck. And bank advertising sucks even worse.
Until Direct Mail and Direct Marketing people get their act together, the ad industry will never get any respect, no matter how many icons parade through Times Square.
[UPDATE] A very pleasant customer service rep told me: “We sent a mass mailing out to all our valued customers…” If some nimrod had gotten a hold of my card and raped my bank account, I wouldn’t be a valued customer to them for long.

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  1. Man, I love blogs!
    Keep us up to date on how they’re handling this, Danny!

  2. Nice entry.
    The lack of accountability in direct marketing is amazing. I have an American Express Business Gold Card. Since I got it, I have received at least 40 mailers urging me to get, yes, an American Express Business Gold Card. I probably receive about 3-5 mailers each week for other Amex cards. Of course, I also have an Amex personal card. How can direct marketing firms tout their database management and then be such idiots?
    National City security is a fucking disaster. Their web site security is full of holes. For instance, if I’m on it checking a balance, it will eventually log me out if there’s no activity. Fine. But when you click to log in again, your password is already filled in. Small thing, but stupid.
    Stupid. Just like banks.

  3. When are we going to get accountability from these multi-million dollar direct mail abusers? Chase Manhattan is the one I’m ticked off at. I keep asking to be taken totally off their mailing list, and I get an offer from them once a week. Sure would be nice if I could put “return to sender” and make them pay to get it back. Yeah, right. I have to throw it away, week after week. Direct mail sucks!! Being in the ad industry myself, when are marketers going to realize the amount of ill-will they are engendering with these efforts? Unbelievable.

  4. Eric Hayslett says:

    Ok so I called the National City Mortgage company over 3 months ago to change my property tax payment date from january 2006 to december 2005 so that I could use it for my federal taxes for further deductions and I even paid my January 2006 payment in December to use the interest for 2005. I have called them once a month since then to verify all of this information and they repeatedly stated that this was complete. What did I get in the mail today? A freakin statement only showing the first payment from escrow and not the second. I was furious they have all this cash sitting in escrow and they let it go up to the maximum value under law and then they invest that money while I make nothing or very little. These companies are ruthless and disrectful to the person that gave them business in the first place. I cannot wait to get ahold of my advisor tomorrow on the phone and tell her this and that until I get an apology and a written statement that this will not happen again, they are no longer getting any of my business as well as their affiliates!

  5. Yeah, National City’s direct marketing is terrible. But what is even worse is that a former asst. branch manager of theirs who also worked as an asst. manager at another business enrolled at least a dozen teenagers from 17-20 in their free checking accounts without mentioning the ‘courtesy overdrafts’ and ‘highest transactions posted first.’ Two years later these kids financial situations have been ruined and it’s pretty shady that checking accounts were setup outside of a branch. It’s misleading and dishonest, and outright unethical to wave direct deposit forms and free $50 gift cards in these kids faces to entice them to enroll. Forget financial responsibility and all that crap, this company is PREYING upon those who just turn 18, to maximize their profits. I’m calling my state’s attorney general and we’re getting every $34 back.

  6. Former National City Employee says:

    National City is horribly mismanaged which is probably why problems like this exist. Just as an example, National City is so corrupt with nepotism and favoritism that in the Construction Lending Department a 20 year old supervisor named Ranee G. with no more than a high school education and no work experience besides working at NC was allowed to keep her job supervising people with several years of work experience and college degree EVEN AFTER she pled guilty to assault and spent 30 days in jail! Yeah, even though she didn’t have any vacation time left and barely any sick time her boss Athena gave her a leave of absence! BUT!!!! If someone needs time off for school, hell no, they won’t let you have it! Go National City!

  7. Proud to be part of National City- says:

    Grow up-all of you-National City is no different than doing business any where else. As far as the 18
    year olds and checking accounts-they want to be treated as adults-well this goes to show you they are not old or mature enough to act like adults.Dont blame the bank-look in your own yard.
    As far as the person who went out of town for 9 days-I.m sure you got other mail also-No business I now has a mind reader on staff.
    Former National City employee-we now know why you are a FORMER employee-anyone that goes around bad mouthing their employer
    -especially only knowing one side of the story-should be a FORMER employee.

  8. Content National City employer says:

    I have to agree with “Proud.” These kids want to be treated like adults, they want a paycheck, and they want money, we’re just here to aid them. It’s not our fault if they can’t manage a checkbook. And I’m not being biased either. My 19 y.o. brother has the same problem. What will it take for people to learn? If you’re over 18 we’ll give you a checking account assuming you’re credit is fair. The rest is up to you whether or not you decide to screw it up. And what’s just as interesting to me is the number of adults who can’t seem to manage a checkbook. As for the former employee, we don’t play favorites. If you’re coming to us screaming about your account once a week, we’re not going to like you. But if you can manage your own bank account- overdrafts and all- without blaming it on the bank, we’re going to like you.
    And for the guy who made the first post: if you intend to go out of town for nearly 2 weeks, it’s up to you to let us know so we can’t stop mail outs for that time. We’re just a bank, and we’re just tellers, we can’t read your mind. And look at your debit card- if it’s expiring soon, expect a new one in the mail- and let us know you won’t be at the mailbox when it comes.

  9. anther content National City employee says:

    I absolutely agree with NC employee. A Big part of our jobs is dealing with people who havent a care in the wind when they are spending money on god knows what when they know they do not have money to spend!!! GROW UP!

  10. Ex-Customer of National City says:

    Every few months a National City employee chimes in and every message is riddled with errors. Can’t anyone who works at National City write a grammatically correct sentence?

  11. National City Employee says:

    What bank doesn’t send your debit card and pin in the mail? Over the years I have worked for 3 different financial institutions and they all mailed the debit cards the same way. Did your last bank have their branch manager and a security guard deliver the card to your home on a silver platter or something?
    As far as young people being targeted for checking accounts and credit cards… I have had a checking account since I was 16 and have not had overdraft problems. Why??? Because my parents taught me to keep a check register and to not spend money that I don’t have. There is no reason an 18 year old can’t manage a bank account or a credit card. How does one get a job, join the military, or graduate high school if they can’t do a simple math problem like subtracting a debit from their check register?

  12. If you go out of town for nine days, you are supposed to stop your mail. Tampering with the US mail is a federal crime. So on the face of it, your mail is safer than any other country in the world. Get yourself organized and be defensive. The business world is 100 times better than it was 50 yrs ago. Be proactive, be defensive, protect yourself. Business don’t owe you anything. Write a complaint letter to them and the FTC to vent.

  13. Denise C. says:

    Danny G., thanks for posting this.
    First, my father worked for the post office for 45+ years, retired (still too young) 3 years ago. Though, technically, messing with the mail is a federal crime, catching someone DOING it is near impossible.
    Second, my husband and I had our mortgage with National City since 1999. Our checking, business checking and savings were with them since 2004; it is now nearly August of 2008. We opened one of their Identity Theft protection bull crap and my identity was stolen on 12/27/07 by an Angela Rodriguez. Someone was SUPPOSED to call from National City. Did they? No. Cancelled.
    Third, because of #2 someone obtained our business debit card and rang up $1400 in furniture and jeans in the UK. Because a woman’s intuition feeling made me check, I caught this within 3 hours of both purchases. We got some of it back, not all, because, per National City, and quite snidely, debit cards do not have the same protection as credit cards. It took us nearly 8 weeks to get this clarified.
    Fourth, because we own our business our health insurance truly reeked. Because of a dedicated agent in Des Plaines, IL we now have awesome insurance. However, we had to jump through hoops, how high I asked, I’ll jump! Because my husband works out of town and is not home but on the weekends, getting a notary during the week for his name is impossible. I was able to take care of my insurance for June, his for July, but just barely. National City almost messed that up for us too, so badly that he nearly missed out on this opportunity due to their lack of customer service.
    Fifth, due to all of the identity theft issues and such there was a lot of paperwork. We’re used to that because of our overly mentioned tiny home business we have. The woman behind the counter just could not quietly help us, it was rush, rush, rush… don’t share your story with me, I really don’t give a damn, really just fill in the blanks as quickly and quietly as you can and leave. Thank you so very much for banking with National City.
    Sixth, Regressing to said notary, I, unfortunately, being flustered, worried, and already quite irritated with National City and their lack of respect for those that actually keep them in business, I lost my cool the day I needed to get my husband’s insurance paperwork completed. I yelled at the woman (same woman that could not have cared less that our money had been stolen and my identity was stolen) behind the counter and said a not so nice comment about how she liked to please a man to no end. Yes, not my most shining hour, I admit. If I could go back I’d probably include how she liked to please a woman to no end. I would have been wittier, or just have gone to another notary, as that is all I needed that day.
    Seven, we’ve had our business three years, having cashed check after check after check. We did the same two weeks ago this Friday, we were told they could not cash it, our account was on hold. No explanation as to why, or for how long, just on hold. Very cloak and dagger. We went about our day with my father and our children. At 6 PM we deposited it at another branch without incident. The next morning our account showed in the negative by $7000. Of course, after awaking from passing out, we called the main 800 line and were told, yes there was a hold, no explanation once again, it was case by case. But no worries. It would clear by Monday, late and we’d be on our way, but only half would clear. Why? Hmmmm. We don’t know; it’s case by case. My husband went to the bank that Monday, the OTHER branch, and the manager released the funds for use on Tuesday. Voile! Our funds were available Tuesday morning.
    Eight, Wednesday morning via Fed Ex we receive a letter from our branch of National City, all accounts closed, do not write checks after such and such date, do not deposit after such and such date. No explanation, nothing. My husband called the manager whose name was listed on the letters five times, the assistant manager finally called back. It was because I had told the gal in the lobby that she liked to pleasure men that our accounts were closed. Like I said, if I’d known I’d have expanded my insult, but how are we to know in this day and age? Yep, that’s sarcasm.
    Because of the letters from Brian Willig, Manager of National City, 847-458-7104, the inevitable occurred, we have changed banks. Yes, I was shaking at first, I was absolutely furious. However, once that passed, I thought, hey, they forced our hand. Big deal! Never have I had the pleasure of dealing with such a nasty group of folks. Never. Besides the above, my husband and I checked into refinancing our home to lower the interest rate. Having your own business makes things more interesting, you just learn how to handle finances differently. A woman named Wendy wouldn’t even call us back…
    The writing was on the wall folks. It really was. I was just too lazy to move our funds. Perhaps this whole identity theft thing wouldn’t have happened. I don’t know. I do know that the comment about our mail being protected is not true, not really. Research on such a comments need to be made first prior to stating it. Because mail in another’s name has arrived at our home, newspapers for Angela Rodriguez have been sent to our home – I’ve been told by the Detective that is working my case that that is a way of establishing an address for either work or for the offender’s children(s) educational district. And, yes, we do have new identity theft protection, we signed up 12/28/07, including our children. And it is NOT through National City, which took no responsibility for the loss of our funds in the first place or the theft of my identity. Class action suit… anybody?
    All the above being said, run do not walk to the nearest exit when such life circumstances occur with ANY bank, in general, but with National City in particular. We truly, my husband and I, hope this might save someone else some undo harm, follow one’s gut, it will not lead you astray!

  14. PS to (current) National City Employees says:

    I find it interesting how many current National City Employees have found this blog. Hmmm… Does make one wonder, does it not? Are they employees or Bank Managers?
    National City has been in the news as of late, right beside other banks who have practiced “creative financing”, makes one wonder, how long will it be before the federal government bails National City out of trouble right beside your comrades’?
    Just an observation “current” employees.

  15. Dennis Carr says:

    Interesting, I have worked at the Post Office in the “direct mail” area. One of the users is a mailing firm in Lake Zurich, IL. On any one-day, they are sending out two and three trucks laden with letters containing blank checks. They work for most major banks and are not cheap to run; therefore their charges must be fantastic.
    Anyway, in order to get in the building, you either work there, or you’re a Postal Employee, no way anyone else can get in the building because of the Blank Checks! SO? Once it is on a truck, with can be a private company, it is in the open and ripe for pillage from any number of crooks, including those Postal Employees that have to break their backs 60 hours a week to exist!
    While it is wrong, some of the employees of the Post Office are drawn to the dark side, it does last long though. The Postal Inspectors are ten times what any FBI, CIA or Homeland agent could ever be. I have seen them at work and for a quarter of stolen funds, you will pay a terrible price, never will you be able to have more than a burger flip job.
    As far as the “supposed” human beings that just said they work for National, you are a disgrace!
    One does not HAVE to put mail on hold; I have a slot in the door and all mail fits there! I know my carrier and advise him when I out and about.
    But you can’t stop flyers in the drive, you can’t stop UPS, their don’t listen, you can’t stop FEDEX, they don’t care. You can’t even trust your neighbors; they want to steal your lawn mower!
    Banks don’t care! Plain and simple, even if you find one person at a bank that you feel you can trust, they are NOT the banks, just a cog in the wheel.

  16. To Denise: I’m very sorry to hear about your story.
    I wrote this post about 3 years ago, and every so often, people who remain anonymous but claim they work for National City chime in and scold me for something I didn’t do or should’ve done and completely ignore the facts or the overall point.
    So I’ll clear some things up:
    I left town for 9 days. My neighbor collected my mail. I didn’t stop the mail, nor did I have to.
    Prior to my leaving town, I had an ATM card, not a check card or debit card. I specifically asked for an ATM card when I opened my account because I don’t like debit cards. I was perfectly happy with this arrangement.
    While I was gone, the bank sent me a check card. Unsolicited. I didn’t want it and didn’t ask for it.
    Then they sent me a note containing my secret password printed right on it. Once again, I didn’t ask for this.
    Then they sent me an offer for “identity theft protection.”
    I work in advertising. I know how Direct Marketing works. There’s no way I could have stopped the bank from sending me this stuff. They have mailing lists and they use them.
    If my card and password had fallen into the wrong hands, which they didn’t, I could’ve been screwed. All because the bank’s direct marketing division thought it was a good idea.
    Wrong. It’s a bad idea. That’s why I wrote this post.
    People don’t trust banks, credit card companies and marketers in general because of this exact kind of crap. I aim for higher standards in my own advertising work, whether I achieve it or not is not for me to judge.
    But in this case, National City screwed up.
    I contribute to this blog, and therefore this is my forum to vent if I feel like it.
    Carry on.

  17. Denise C. says:

    To Mr. Dennis Carr, I wish the illegal activity caught at the post office was more visible and known. I guess to catch a person committing a crime one has to think like them, mesh in and not be known. But I’d sure like to see some of these bad people getting caught with their hand in the cookie jar.
    One thing that cannot be taken away (yet) is the freedom of speech. It is difficult enough going day by day following the rules (they are rules not suggestions), watching those that feel the rules are not made for them, breaking them time and time again. And then sometimes, not often enough of course, one finds a blog such as this that allows them to share their story as well.
    To Mr. Danny G., what I shared was simply the tip of the iceberg. What I posted was the last few months of activity; we’d been with NC for years. We’d taken responsibility for any financial faux pas we had because it was our mistake, not the banks (to those “employees” that stated one needs to take responsibility for ones actions). In that same vein, when setting up automatic banking and choosing a date, let’s say it is the 15th of the month, then it should be the 15th of the month. This is not rocket science. This is plain old fashioned bill pay. When that same check clears the 9th of the month and the customer incurs charges, which (or whom) is at fault? The customer who chose the 15th or the bank that paid that money 6 days too early? I had a print screen of this and spoke with the assistant manager at the NC branch we banked at, it did not matter. They put the responsibility of the bill being paid too soon on the post office, not themselves. It is simple math and it is simple integrity and ethics. Which, unfortunately is severely lacking in our society.
    I am not perfect folks. No one here is saying they are. The person who first posted this, who went on vacation and had his mail picked up by his neighbor is not in the wrong here (I pick up my father’s mail when he goes on vacation and my neighbor’s newspaper when they’re on vacation), he posted this because he was disgusted and irritated at the bank’s lack of listening. Lack of professionalism, period. As for the kids that are 18 and older… that’s more difficult to say the bank is wrong. Perhaps more info is needed to understand why an 18 year old is not liable for their banking account. I’ve had an account since I was 16 years old and did not have as many difficulties with a bank as I have had with NC, and that is 24 years of banking.
    Thanks for reading this, truly all I wanted was to fume a bit and move on. This is not life altering, I think NC had hoped it would be, but it’s not. They did us a favor… so a great big thank you to them and a thank you to Danny G. for this blog. Perhaps if my husband and my corporation grow past just the two of us we can retain you for our advertising! 🙂
    Denise C.
    PS: The free ATM is also not true. We have $8 worth of ATM charges (no big deal) from the last few weeks that were never reversed… good riddance!

  18. andrew iredale says:

    National City Bank has got to be the most shameless bank i have ever done business with. Recently they posted a higher amount check even though there were smaller ones that should have posted first. this caused several checks to be insuffencent, and they charged me over $350.00 in fees. I know that they look and see if they can cause this in order to make extra money. They are crooks and could care less if you change banks after they drain you for these sums of money.
    Take my advice, get away from them before you get hurt like I did.

  19. actually i have been with a few banks that dont send the pin in the mail… you pick the pin when you sign up and they send the card later…. and national city sucks ass they fucked me over recently and cant wait to go in tomorrow and clear my account

  20. Gliscameria says:

    National City recently billed me hundreds of dollars for a $17 overdraft without sending me any form of notification.
    No call, e-mail, letter…
    And I have to pay it because it ‘Wasn’t a bank error.” I guess it was my error for keeping the account open and forgetting about a yearly automatic draft.
    Thanks National City! Now I know there is no such thing a good local bank.

  21. Let me guess, the people that are posting on this site are the kind of people that can’t manage their everyday lives. Right? Look at the world today every bank does the same thing and charges almost the same fees, give or take a few dollars. I deal with bitchy customers all day long. I also deal with the best and nicest people ever. The ones that get the fees and problems all the time usually have it happen over and over, it’s CARMA!! And for the others, mistakes happen,have’nt you ever made a mistake or are you perfect.If all you people have to do is bitch about a bank, I would say get some mental help. I think you have deeper problems.

  22. Former Great Employee says:

    Hurrah! Finally some of the assholes that pretend they are elite managers and Dickhead Sales Executives are facing their come uppance when PNC kicks their sorry asses to the curb come December, 2008! See ya later Gary “I think I’m Tony Soprano” Flasco and your rat Danny “Greaseball” Weimer! Have a good time in the Breadline Mark “Half Pint” Rendul-dick! Try getting back into PNC, Bobby “Hayseed” Huddleston – boy, burning your Bridges over at PNC seems like a stupid ass idea now, don’t it?! Good luck, you sorry MF’s, because all of your Bullshit rhetoric ain’t getting you far now! As Judge Smails once said,” The World neeeds ditchdiggers, too!”. Maybe you can Fuck Up that Industry as well, you LOSERS!

  23. Former Great Employee says:

    Hurrah! Finally some of the assholes that pretend they are elite managers and Dickhead Sales Executives are facing their come uppance when PNC kicks their sorry asses to the curb come December, 2008! See ya later Gary “I think I’m Tony Soprano” Flasco and your rat Danny “Greaseball” Weimer! Have a good time in the Breadline Mark “Half Pint” Rendul-dick! Try getting back into PNC, Bobby “Hayseed” Huddleston – boy, burning your Bridges over at PNC seems like a stupid ass idea now, don’t it?! Good luck, you sorry MF’s, because all of your Bullshit rhetoric ain’t getting you far now! As Judge Smails once said,” The World neeeds ditchdiggers, too!”. Maybe you can Fuck Up that Industry as well, you LOSERS!

  24. Let me just first say that I DON’T work for NC
    Well put employees! As far as the mail is concerned, do you not get credit card statements in the mail? The IRS mails you a benefits letter every year letting you know how much you or your family would make if you became disabled or died and it has your SS# right on it! If you want to be safe do what I’ve done and get yourself a PO box.
    Dean I hate to say it but that’s your lack of computer skills not NC. My password doesn’t prefill when I get logged out b/c I set my computer that way, wise up!
    Eric, take care of your own taxes then. No one forced you to take out an escrow. Every Mortgage company in the world makes money of your escrow so either do it yourself or just deal with it!
    And yes David, why should we hold young adults accountable for handling their finances? Do you think it would be better if NC just returned the items unpaid, still charging you a fee, and then allowing you to recieve a fee from the merchant where you spent money you didn’t have. NC is one of the only banks that pays your overdrafts for you, saving it’s customers Millions of dollars each year from returned check fees from merchants. I know, NC is just soooooo evil right?
    I don’t work for the bank but I wish I did work in customer service so I could tell all you idiots that you need to start taking responsability for your own mistakes and start being more pro-active in how you protect your identity. Why don’t you all just go to and vent with all the other idiots.
    Here’s an idea. Why don’t you just use money orders for your bills and pay for everything with cash.
    Happy New Years!

  25. Is anyone aware of any situations where confidentiality was compromised by NCC employee who was not reprimanded for it?
    If anyone could provide some information it would be really helpful. I’m currently facing a difficult situation, I’m being accused of something that is very unfair and would like to fight the decision of upper management. Anything that you could add would be greatly appreciated.

  26. If you want to get the banks to possibly start updating or taking people off of thier mailing list.. Take everything they send you in the mail besides the acceptance certificate or anything with your name on it and send it back to them in the “business reply envelope”.. They will have to pay postage on it… Even if this doesn’t help, it will put a smile on your face… haha..
    Enjoy the day.

  27. Loretta says:

    Just got nearly $500.00 in fees withdrawn from my account and am so frustrated. I have been paying my bills on line for at leasst 2 years. My delivery date for the bill pay was 5/15/09, however, the money was taken out of the account before that date. When I “chatted” on line with a representative and asked if the delivery date I choose is the date it is delivered, he told me yes, but when I explained that they took it out earlier than the delivery date, after checking with someone else, he came back to tell me that it was true only if it was not a paper check. So I got 9 NSF charges and even after I made a deposit on 5/14 it was not enough to cover the $306 in charges along with the bill pay of $350. So I tried to deposit money, however, it was a weekend when I found this out and there was no way to deposit any more money at the bank. I was told by bank representative that depositing by ATM would not credit the account before 2 other online bills were paid on Mon, but depositing through the night depositor would credit first thing in the am. So I put my check in the night depositor and felt secure that I had covered the money I was in the whole as well as the couple of payments that would be made on Mon. Checked on Mon, money credited. Checked on Wed, 4 more NSF charges for the 4 things paid out on Mon. Why? because, they show that your are credited, but really dont credit checks right until holding for 1 day. So why did they take the money out on a paper check on 5/14 when it was presented, yet held my deposit for 24 hours? Bank reps cant explain, and yes, they understand my frustration that bank employees are providing information that I am misinterpreting. Asked to talk to someone higher up in company, not allowed, but I could write them. Think I’ll get a response? Withdrawing my money on Fri, closing my account. Maybe I’ll have better luck with a bank not trying to make up for its losses for poor banking choses by charging customers. Heard Chase Financial is doing well, gonna give them a try.

  28. Yes, National City Bank is nothing but a bunch of crooks. I have stuck with this bank thru all the name changes and bad publicity but now I have had enough. They have taken money from me wrongly for the last time.
    This time it was a total of $136.00 in overdraft fees. Dumb me, I thought a payroll check was considered money, not to National City, they hold it and play their little games and see how much they can rip you off. I deposit my check on a Friday and keep a little cash, don’t mind the inconvience of having to show ID to prove I am who I am with a bank I have been dealing with for years. You would think that money would go into your account sometime soon, well, not until they want it to, in other words by their rules….
    Monday comes and I check my balance and there is less money than what there should be, I think there has to be a error and they will make it right. When I go down the list there are 4 overdraft fees? How could that be? I only have a couple of outstanding checks and a couple of small charges.
    Well, here is how they rip you off…. I have two checks that go to another bank that I wrote to a business and these checks don’t go in until that Monday following the Friday deposit, they go in around 3:15 p.m. Right away National City pulls those checks over and charge your account,(they train their thieves well, in the meantime they are still holding your payroll check, oops! not enough money so there are 2 overdraft fees, 34.00 each, now a big charge of 17.75 and another one for 1.56 hit the account which normally take atleast two days to clear my account, they hit fast and oops! not enough money, 2 more overdraft fees, 34.00 each. Well, after they are done screwing me over and taking their so called overdraft fees they decide the same day to let me have the rest of my paycheck, but of course, they needed my paycheck to get their fees since my account balance was disappearing so fast.
    And as far as customer service, National City does not care about their customers. When I called thinking they would fix this error, the rep said you can’t have your money back and if you look at your deposit slip it says your funds will not be available until we say they are. Well, I told her where she could go and I said I would take my money elsewhere…
    I am switching over to Salin Bank, they seem more honest, friendlier and much faster service than National Shitty Bank, that is what they have been calling it for years and now I have to agree.
    Take my advice…. If you have an account with National Shitty Bank, get out and go somewhere else before they rip you off too……Because they won’t give your money back…..

  29. The same thing happened to me, I ATM deposited my payroll check on a Monday night wrote 3 checks on Tuesday got dinged for $144 in overdraft fees.
    All 3 checks went overdraft which then caused a visa check card transaction go overdraft. Since they take the highest amount first process the debits then put in the deposits,which should be illegal.
    Customer service was no help they just kept talking over me and wouldn’t let me speak to a supervisor.
    I went to a local branch and the manager told me that this was policy and after explaining the down right dishonest way they do business.
    Since I’ve had an account with them for nearly ten years if there was anything she could do for me and reluctantly she refunded one of the $36 overdraft fees. After she he said it was policy not to give back overdraft fees.I was calm and civil , thanked her for her time and stated I was disappointed that it cost me $108 to find out that this is now policy. She said well maybe PNC will be better. Quite frankly I’m not about to wait to find out. I went back to the credit union. My national city account will be closed as soon as the one outstanding check on the account clears. Needless to say I no longer trust National City with my money. I refuse to give any greedy corporate bank my money anymore. I thought about writing the CEO but it’s pointless and I couldn’t find an address anyway.

  30. Sheryl Harris of the Cleveland Plain Dealer is on a mission to put an end to payday lenders by printing false and misleading information (mostly put out by crooks Herb and Marion Sandler; Google them), claiming that they take advantage of consumers. Welllll. Sheryl Harris, deeearie, get your head out of your twat and start printing the truth about who is really fucking over consumers! Google the name of ANNNY bank followed by the word sucks and read, dear Sheryl Harris of the Cleveland Plain Dealer! REEEAD, BITCH!!!

  31. ex-national city says:

    Apparently, a 7 cent overdraft results in $72 worth of fees. I got no notifications, and the bank “did not make an error.” I’m pretty sure most of you have heard this shameless, relayed message.

  32. enothercitzen says:

    Not everyone is an irresponsible dullard , too dimwitted to perform math in their ledger, or too much of a Luddite to prevent simple password theft.
    Case in point, I was a National City account holder 6 YEARS without one negative mark on my account. I moved cities and subsequently, banks. I left my NC account open for 2 months, with a relatively small balance to ensure payment of two checks I knew to be outstanding.
    Upon my travel back to NC to close the account. I was informed that owed $48 to the bank for..wait for it..a $.038 overdraft. Yes, that reads Thirty Eight CENTS. From a check I wrote to a cereal company for some trinket for my son. BY the way, the check was over a YEAR old when the “honored” it. I was told even though I had always held excellent account standing, that because my account was not “especially active” lately, there was nothing to be done. I must pay the fee. I paid, then proceeded to address every person in the bank that day to tell them of my story.
    Beware, good account standing and loyalty is worth nothing to NC , in the face of extorting you of $48.