Dear Sophie

Savvy stuff from Google with their latest TV spot for Chrome, Dear Sophie. I think it actually fails a bit in getting the message of Chrome across, with the entire focus taking place within in Gmail. But it also reinforces just how pervasive – like it or not – that Google has become in our lives.

Bonus, it appears Google may have tipped their hat to their rumored social play +1. If you pay attention in the video at about the :50 mark, you’ll clearly see an extension icon for +1 in the top right of the browser.

How many parents of little ones watch this and think they might start writing to their kid(s) via a destination email account?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Our site, Moment Garden – – started from the exact same inspiration as what Google displays here. We created it as a better way of saving moments of your child. We even give you a custom email address for your child, and anything you send to it gets saved in your child’s garden!

  2. Meghans721 says:

    This is so close to my heart because when my mom was pregnant with me everyday at work she would type a letter to me. She would tell me about herself and what she did during that day. One day while looking for something   
    I found them and broke down crying! How great! My mom is awesome and that was way before google chrome!