Dangling Ferraris

Long Zheng writes about the fancy new machine he and many other bloggers received from Edelman, the blogger-friendly PR giant working with Microsoft to help launch Windows Vista.

Microsoft gave out some timely Christmas presents to a bunch of bloggers this year. Brandon LeBlanc got one, Scott Beale got one, Barb Bowman got one, Mauricio Freitas got one, Mitch Denny got one, Zen.Heavengames got one, plus many other bloggers. They seem to have covered everyone from A-list to Z-list, a first in the industry with such a valuable gift, kudos for thinking about the little guys.

Former Microsoft employee, Robert Scoble says, “Now THAT is my idea of PayPerPost!”
BL Ochman calls it a brewing ethics scandal for the PR firm that just endured the Wal-Mart flog flare up.
Ochman also says Microsoft had to send new machines to run Vista, or risk screwing up bloggers existing computers with their new OS.

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  1. MS also invited a bunch of top bloggers to their corp HQ for a Q-and-A session with Bill Gates. I read on one of the invited blogger’s sites that when he entered the room, he was schocked to see all the bloggers using Macs.