Dallas Secedes From Bible Belt

Brandweek: The Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau wants to get the word out that the Texas city welcomes everyone unconditionally.
The bureau’s new Web site launched this week, glbtdallas.com, features content for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender travelers including GLBT TAG- (Travel Alternatives Group) Approved hotels—now standing at 16 properties—and other gay-friendly restaurants, art museums and cultural venues. Other information includes GLBT resources, event calendars, photo posts and nightlife features.
“Oak Lawn, our GLBT neighborhood, is out, proud, always bustling and full of things to do,” said Ross Crusemann, svp-marketing for the Dallas CVB. “Our city has the sixth-largest gay population in the United States, and we score the highest among the nation’s 10 largest cities based on the gay index.”
The gay index is a study published by Gary Gates, a demographer at the Urban Institute.

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  1. After, rejecting same sex marriage in your state, you expect gays and lesbians to go their? What kind of hypocrisy is this? and now, you would want to make money out of the same set of people whom you discriminated against?

  2. Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous, for your information Dallas despite being portrayed as a conservative Texas city, is a very progressive and gay-friendly city. Our own sheriff is an openly Latina lesbian, and we have openly gay city council members and a very gay friendly mayor. You should also consider that spending your money in local gay-owned businesses is a boost to our community’s economy, what conservative do you think would want to open a gay or gay-friendly business? Visit Dallas, you’ll enjoy yourself!

  3. My entire country has passed a bill banning gay marriage, I didn’t throw a hissyfit and leave.
    Things won’t change unless change is encouraged, and it seems like the city of Dallas is trying to change Texas’ image, and most likely the attitude of the citizens.
    Don’t be so quick to attack when someone previously seen as ‘gay unfriendly’ becomes friendly… It may simply be that the actions of the hicks in the state far outweigh the friendly attitudes of the people of Dallas. And in addition, there is no conspiracy to take our money and use it against us. Such thinking is counterproductive and about as realistic as this “Gay Adgenda” we’re all supposed to have.
    Fred Nile, George Phelps and all their wacky, hateful, vindictive mates aren’t waiting behind the closet door with baseball bats. There’s no groups of Right Wing Conservatives going “Right, lets con the fags, take their money, then kill them! YEAH!”. The city of Dallas seems to be trying to open up, be more liberal and friendly, and if you can’t accept that people change and the world isn’t totally out to get you, then maybe you should click your heels together three times and push off back to LA, where you can live safe in the knowledge that the scary right wing southerners can’t come and lower your property values and distroy the sanctity of your traditions, like tantrums and judging people unworthy of forgiveness.