Cyborg Hottie Kicks Nerd In Gonads, Nerd Does A Dance

I am far from impressed with this year’s crop of Super Bowl commercials. As entertainment most fall flat. As ads they fail completely.

“Stay calm, there’s a Century 21 agent in the house.”

“Come on get happy.”

“Gladys is going to start you on a chocolate I.V.”

Regardless, there is one Super Bowl spot I kind of like from Kia and David&Goliath (physical comedy just works):

The Hotbot in the spot – played by 2011 Miss USA winner, Alyssa Campanella – springs into action and demonstrates just how serious Kia is about technology. “Respect the tech” the ad says.

Sure the nerd factor is on high here, but at least there’s a selling point and the product gets some air time.

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