Cutwater Makes Magnetic Sunglasses and Jeans

Everyone’s writing about Cutwater’s viral video campaigns for Ray-Ban and Levi’s. I guess I better get in on it too.
But first, a message from the sponsors…

Added to YouTube on May 6, 2007. 3,490,589 views since.

Added to YouTube on May 5, 2008. 3,291,680 views since.
The vids are the work of “Benzo” Theodore, and both were seeded on the Internet by The Feed Company.
Adweek notes that the number of views made execs at Levi’s Plaza sit up and take notice.

“Jumpin’ In” unexpectedly garnered 3.5 million hits in 10 days, Good Morning America play and Wall Street Journal attention. The video was released May 5 to stir curiosity leading into Levi’s first global brand campaign for its flagship 501 jeans, “Live unbuttoned,” which will break in 110 countries from now until fall.
“[‘Jumpin’ In’] was supposed to be a small seeding activity,” said Robert Cameron, vp of marketing, Levi Strauss, San Francisco. “We didn’t know it was going to blow up. So we’re meeting with BBH on how to chase this. What do we do to adjust the strategy and ride the wave?”

No doubt, BBH is thrilled with this development.
In an earlier Adweek article by the same writer (Gregory Solman), Josh Warner, president of The Feed Company, said, “For a brand to not investigate and experiment with an aggressive online policy in today’s Web-centric marketplace is like making a TV commercial and not running it.”
Which begs the questions, are these videos extraordinarily entertaining? Or is The Feed Company that good?

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  1. chomp chomp says:

    You just gotta live in a huge college town today. You would understand this stuff. You, too, would become immune to the overdose. Y’know how everything is hilariously funny in times like this, and no one ever gets hurt? yea.
    Where’s Jessica when we need her Venn diagrams?
    Old hippies, parents with money, young college kids. Huge intersects.

  2. I’d love to live in a huge college town. Especially, if it was located in the Texas Hill Country.

  3. only for so long says:

    Really? The smell of weed is too strong, the amount of people reaching enlightenment because of it, way over estimated, and prescription of medication for it not all that sound. The smell of pheromones is way too strong and the smell of mistreated pheromones can actually make you sick to your stomach. That’s in the summer when the wind is wafting and windows are open and the temperature is ideal for transmission. In the school year I probably couldn’t handle i. But i’m too old and bitchy, and I am not preoccupied with mind numbing work that would override my senses. In fact, it’s just the opposite, i try and depend on my senses for my work.
    I wonder if freakonomics ever studied the correlation of weed use and schools being razed to the ground. Let’s see… there were the three fires here in Indiana. I remember in Kentucky something burnt down. hmmm call Steven and Stephen, the other ones.