Cutting Nip/Tuck From The List

Media Week: Toyota has yanked its advertising from FX’s Nip/Tuck after being pressured by a letter-writing campaign directed by the advocacy group Parents Television Council.
Since the show debuted two years ago, the PTC has sent letters to Nip/Tuck advertisers calling for them to pull their ads, including Toyota, GM, Ikea and the Vermont ice cream manufacturer Ben & Jerry’s. Other sponsors that have also decided to suspend advertising on Nip/Tuck include Gateway and Coors, both of which walked away from the show in 2003.
According to the PTC, Toyota was sent regular run downs of the show’s racier elements, along with a DVD featuring specific hot-button scenes. In its letters to sponsors, the advocacy group characterizes Nip/Tuck as being “one of the most sexually explicit, profane and violent television programs in the history of American television.”
John Solberg, senior vp of public relations for FX, said the activities of the PTC aren’t exactly going to keep the network’s executives up at night. Solberg pointed out that the first seven episodes of season three have averaged 2.8 million viewers in FX’s target 18-49, making it the top-rated show in the demo across all of basic cable.
Although FX is a cable network and is thereby not held to any decency standards by the Federal Communications Commission, the network specifically programs fare like Nip/Tuck at 10:00 p.m., a time slot that is generally considered kid-safe. FX has also voluntarily rated the show TV-MA.

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  1. Because the Parents Television Council have decided that parents have no control over their own televisions so no one can watch what they want. Shows in their sights to get cancelled are Family Guy, American Dad, The O.C., Desperate Housewives, CSI, Cold Case, Two & A Half Men, That 70’s Show, and Nip/Tuck. If you love Nip/Tuck (regardless of how you feel about the current season) make your presence known. Time to get organized.
    First: Sign the petition
    Second: STOP Buying products from the list of advertisers below and go to their websites and let them know why.
    1) Toyota
    2) IKEA
    3) Gateway Computers
    4) E-Loan
    5) Chattem Inc. (Selsun Blue, Gold Bond, Icy Hot, Dexatrim, Phisoderm, Pamprin, Aspercreme, and many others)
    Third: Support the advertisers who continue to support Nip/Tuck by buying their products.
    *1) General Motors
    *2) Jeep
    *4) Combe Incorporated (Aqua Velva & Lectric Shave)
    *5) Alberto-Culver Co. (Alberto Vo5)
    *6) US DenTek Co. (Dental products)
    *7) LG Electronics Inc.
    Fourth: Tell your friends about Nip/Tuck and get them to watch
    Groups like Parents Television Council are dangerous. They don’t teach parents to use the V-Chip, they don’t teach parents to use the parental lock or parental control on their own televisions. Their solution to protecting the children is remove choice from everyone.
    Tell the shows and their sponsors and advertisers that YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF YOUR REMOTE CONTROL AND YOUR SPENDING DOLLARS!

  2. People, if you don’t like what is in a program such as sexual, race, gore…. TURN THE TV OFF OR CHANGE THE CHANNEL!!!!!
    If your kids are watching this kind of programming then it’s YOUR problem. What are you going to do when the kids are grown and watching it then?
    Again, if you don’t like what’s on TV then DON”T WATCH! Groups like PTC need to learn that they aren’t GOD and the sponsors need to learn how to think on their own. I don’t like religious programs – that doesn’t mean I want them off the air. I have a brain. I know how to change the channel. You too can learn how.
    If I want to watch “wholesome” stuff like Little House on the Prairie then I would watch PAX TV or those other TV stations that show the old shows like Ozzy and Harriet. That’s the beauty of having a CHOICE>

  3. What the hell is wrong with you (PTC) freaks? How would you like it if someone pulled a snatch on your Christian programs? Not everyone believes there is a super being who has great powers and that if you don’t believe in it you will go to a fiery wet hole. Where it is very warm and you get a burning sensation. Even though you like the happy go lucky shows, such as “leave it to BEAVER” (btw don’t you think beaver is cute and cuddly though I bet sometimes he smells a little like fish when he gets sweaty) we don’t ask they be removed. I don’t want my child watching some show about Beaver or Christian beliefs. He might become some vanilla no label drone that walks around fearing that if he doesn’t believe in some god he will burn in hell.
    It is called parenting you should try it. That doesn’t mean stick them in front of the boob tube (btw, I like the little boob they are fun to watch and more flexible, but the old ones have great knobs you can play with. Both are fun I guess so its a toss up.)
    and walk away. TV isn’t a babysitter and it shouldn’t be your teaching guide either. You should really spend less time standing erect on your box spurting how your beliefs and spend more time with your children. Anyway, what is wrong with nudity?

  4. If I want to watch porno, I’ll go rent a video. Meanwhile thousands of inoccent children with clean minds don’t need to accidently turn on this smutt.Basic cable should never go to this extreme in tv programming. All of you “pro nip tukers” out there obviously don’t think or care much about America’s youth. See what crappy tv has done to your minds?

  5. Jennifer & Rene says:

    what the hell are you talking about? I dont care about americas youth?? I happen to be a “pro nip tucker”. I find the show very entertaining. I do agree that it is not intended in any way, shape or form for children. Which is indicated in the huge warning before each episode that lets parents know that there is explicit content. For mature audiences only, ect. Not to mention its on at 10:00pm on a tuesday night. I dont know about you, but my kids would most likely be in bed that late on a schoolnight. Howabout some active parenting? Telling your kids “no”. If your unable to tell your child “no”, there is a nifty feature called parental block. Im sick of the PTC and all these lazy parents trying to get rid of shows simply because of personal dislike, and lazyness. Get a life people!!! I look forward to Nip/Tuck every Tuesday Night!!! I work damn hard everyday, and i deserve to have a show that i enjoy watching once a week!!

  6. Lisa,
    This line, “All of you “pro nip tukers” out there obviously don’t think or care much about America’s youth” is close to libel.
    I teach logic, philosophy, ethics, and religion. You have no logical, empirical or rational, means to assess that people who are “pro-Nip/Tuk” don’t care about America’s youth. Your evidene is solely based on people wanting to retain their rights to watch what they choose. That desire has no logical connection to thinking or caring about youth.
    Whether America’s youth (I guess you don’t care about any other country’s youth, to use your own type of ‘logic’) is effected negatively or positively by Nip/Tuk being on tv is another issue, which is open to debate. We need statistics for inductive arguments because we have no proof for a deductive conclusion. It simply being bad because you, Lisa or the PTC, do not like it is wishful thinking, another logical fallacy.
    You and the PTC should be ashamed for wanting to take away freedom of choice. Grow up, be a parent. You can set parental controls on your tv. They talk about it nonstop on cable.
    The adults of America should not have to parent your children. That is your job.
    As far at the PTC goes, well giving a religious organization any power whatsoever has had disastrous consequences throughout history. Advertisers are losing audiences by refusing to advertise during specific television shows. That’s rather illogical of them.

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