Crispin Leads Dentsu Into Gutter

Newton Vineyard of St. Helena, Calif., with the aid of Dentsu/Los Angeles has mined a new space for its messaging—the gutter, that heretofore unused space between the binding and the first column of text.
According to The New York Times, Newton Vineyard purchased a series of gutter ads in the June 15 issue of Wine Spectator.
Morgan Halme, a copywriter at Dentsu said he thought placing ads in the gutter was unprecedented, but he cited as inspiration a 2004 campaign for the Mini Cooper by Crispin Porter & Bogusky in The New Yorker and The Atlantic Monthly, in which four Minis are parked between other small ads and a fifth appears to be driving over another ad to fit into a space.

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  1. It was done before even both of those.

  2. by who? and when? I remember there were some TRUTH campaign ads that ran along the bottom of the page, playing on the page numbers. but i don’t think i’ve ever seen ads actually in the gutter of a pub.

  3. Wow. Imagine somebody actually citing another agency who did something somewhat similar before. Not the same. Just similar.
    Not a huge fan of Colby, but these creatives just moved up a few notches.