Crispin Doesn’t Do Boring, Raises Bar On Promotional Marketing

Coupons are boring. You can’t do anything creative with them. And there’s no chance in hell for any kind of industry recognition. Unless, you rewrite the script in the wee hours of the night at Crispin. Then something good can happen.
Whopper Sacrifice, a new Facebook app from BK and their friends in Miami/Boulder, is at its essence a coupon delivery mechanism for a free Whopper. But it’s also much more. In typical Crispin fashion, a nerve has been struck. This nerve, is the one pinched by Facebook users you don’t know, but who want to be your friend.
The name of the Whopper Sacrifice game is dump 10 pseudo friends on Facebook and get a free Whopper. It’s nice that there’s some meat on this offer. A free fry or drink with purchase wouldn’t get the job done here.
Brian Morrissey of Adweek writes,

The notion of dumping friends in exchange for a burger could offend some, though Crispin has not shied from controversy with BK. Jeff Benjamin, executive interactive creative director, said the agency and client were careful to make the application lighthearted rather than “vindictive.”
“The [friend] removal is another kind of socializing,” he said. “At first you think it’s antisocial, but it’s a social device. Now we finally have something to talk about.”

So, let’s see, a quick click over to Facebook…who are these fools? I’m hungry.

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    Ha! They already have 223 fans.