Creating Good Will In San Antonio

Goodwill Industries of San Antonio is having an exceptional spring, thanks to a new ad campaign from San Antonio-based BradfordLawton.

The non-profit group is enjoying a 29% jump in its number of donors in April and its second highest revenue increase ever.

“BradfordLawton is a crucial member of our team,” said Rebecca Helterbrand, Goodwill Industries of San Antonio Vice President of Marketing and Performance Excellence. “Through their guidance we now serve as a leader for Goodwill Industries nationwide in brand strategy – and we have the results to prove it.”

The campaign includes unique outdoor billboards, television commercials, truck wraps and targeted online advertisements that feature unconventional donation items to encourage viewers to donate household items outside of typical clothing donations.

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  1. I dig the way the billboard introduces a simple a idea, an idea that is extended by the short video spot. The longer video takes it one step further, telling the story of a real human being who’s life was changed thanks to the daisy chain of events that starts with simple donations.

    A nice example of campaign elements working together to tell a larger story.