Crazy Rocker Cats Sell Oven-Toasted Subs – LOL

I adore this lead from Brandfreak writer, T.L. Stanley: “A word of warning: If you’re on an acid trip right now, or think of taking a tab, don’t watch these ads.”

The new Quiznos ad comes from WongDoody, an agency known for its excellent work. But this time they haven’t won the critics over. Tim Nudd of Adfreak says, “Quiznos is under the mistaken impression that people actually like its new commercials.”
What Stanley and Nudd fail to point is the rather obvious connection to LOL Cats, “the number one place to find all of your funny cat macros, cheezburger and all round lolcats in one place on the web.” As hard as it is to understand, people really seem to like cats. A lot. But will all this cat love translate into sales of more subs at Quiznos? Time will tell.

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  1. Actually – this spot was created not by their agency but by a couple of creators on the Poptent network! We absolutely love this work.
    See more here:

  2. Thanks for the correction, Mark. Here’s a direct link to the consumer-generated spot on your site:
    Of course, WongDoody, as the agency is still running this contest and providing the materials for “consumers” to make their “twist on a theme” spots.