Crazed Numa Fan “Discovered” By Mainstream Producer

Podcasting News reports that vlogger, Brooke “Brookers” Brodack, has been picked up by Carson Daly Productions for an 18-month talent and development deal.

“Several things immediately caught my eye watching her videos,” Daly said. “She’s got a fresh point of view, considerable directing skills and a great sense of music and how to use it. There is potential for Webisodes, mobile series and definitely a great TV show here. She’ll be an exciting package to present to networks.”
“I just love it that no middleman is involved. There’s no agent, nothing. The pipeline is direct. I think it’s going to exponentially change how the business is run,” said Daly.

It’s hard to tell which aspect Daly is more excited about–his new find, or the fact she has no agent.
For her part, Bradock told a reporter, “I don’t even know why I started recording video blogs. I just want you to tell me that I’m hot.”
Bradock’s “performance art” is an homage to another vlogger, Gary Brolsma, who was the first to lip-synch the Romanian pop song and gain notoreity online.

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  1. carson daly is a complete tool. His “find” shows the sub-level of his “talent” acumen.

  2. *ping*

  3. Carson Daly, who really thinks “he” found this chick and wanted her on the show. I think there are more hands in this than meets the eye.
    Brent Simon has a good shot at being on the show as well.

  4. hello ur kool i saw ur movie “crazed numa fan”
    i like it luv you

  5. hello ur kool i saw ur movie “crazed numa fan”
    i like it luv you

  6. Brookers really needs 2 get her teeth fixed n then she might have a tiny chance at being good looking