Court Crandall’s Got Skills

I learned today that Court Crandall, one of the founders and principals of Los Angeles agency, Ground Zero, wrote the wildly popular farce on film, Old School. Mr. Crandall also has a children’s book coming out care of Random House. And he runs one of the more creative places in the business on a day-to-day basis.
I bet he doesn’t nap much.

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  • Carl LaFong

    Did Mr. Crandall actually have a hand in writing the screenplay or did he come up with the story it was based on? For some reason, I thought it was the latter.
    Also, if I’m not mistaken, I believe Ground Zero is featured in the latest issue of CA.

  • David Burn

    This issue of CA is indeed where I read about Mr. Crandall’s outside endeavors.
    He did come up with the story, but I believe he also picked up a sceenwriting credit, along with the director and two others.
    Another highly collaborative business, Hollywood.

  • Carl LaFong

    I double checked the Internet Movie Database and, oddly enough, I was right: Mr. Crandall is credited with helping develop the story, not the screenplay itself. Then again, screenplay and story credits are notoriously unreliable. So who knows?

  • Eric Swayne

    Interestingly enough, Mr. Crandall isn’t the only agency head to hold “story creation” rights on a movie. Does anyone remember the Rick Moranis/Ed O’Neil flick “Little Giants?” Story rights for that go to TM (formerly Temerlin McClain) head James Ferguson.