Copycat Ads Make Me Wanna Puke

Here’s an article (with accompanying ad) from Reebok’s new ad campaign.
It looked familiar to me. Oh yeah, Nike, 10 years ago…
OK, so the message is a little different. But can’t they make their point without regurgitating this visual idea?

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  1. Stretch Armstrong says:

    That’s a stretch and would say shame on you for wasting our time on this post. That’s like putting a small poodle in two different ads, is that copying? The design is clearly different, message is different it just happens they have a guy vomiting. Perhaps you should run a marathon so you can relate.

  2. I express my thoughts on AdPulp because I like to. I’m sure I spend more of my time posting things I find of interest than you do reading them. If you find AdPulp such a waste of your time, don’t read this blog.

  3. boo reebok! they’ve always been at least ten years behind Nike in every regard. they should go back to making aerobic shoes.

  4. Mr opinion says:

    Same idea. Basically the same message. Sad thing is, the Nike ad still looks and sounds a lot more interesting.
    Stretch Armstrong must have done the Reebok ad. Shitty work, Mr. A.

  5. IMO, Reebok has always had an identity crisis. Seems like they have some internal issues to deal with. They act like a 5th Tier challenger brand (who belives they are 2nd). It’s sad, really.