Coors It Is Not

Breckenridge Brewery — 45th in size among the 1,800 U.S. craft breweries — is enhancing its grassroots and print efforts with four, 15-second “Truth in Beervertising” spots from Denver’s Cultivator Advertising & Design.

According to Maketing Daily, the commercials are airing only on Fox 31 Colorado but they are realizing reach far beyond that because of their deadpan humor.

“Beer bloggers and critics have jumped all over these spots, so we’re getting a lot of play and viral action,” says Breckenridge brewmaster and general manager Todd Usry. “So far, there are direct links to our videos on about 14 beer-oriented sites.”

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  1. These short commercial ads are actually pretty genius, as the creators of them realize the power of social media and viral marketing. It doesn’t matter that it only is aired in just one small city, because if it’s good (or funny) enough, people will share it and you get a ton of exposure. Commercials aren’t just for TV anymore….