Cool Hunters Petition Adidas To Release Retro Shoe

from USA Today: The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou, which stars Bill Murray as a dissolute deep-sea explorer searching for a jaguar shark, may be slowly sinking on the box-office charts.
But an avid coterie of filmgoers are on a quest for the footwear equivalent of Zissou’s elusive prey: the nifty Adidas-brand blue-and-aqua-striped training shoes sported by the oceanographer’s team.
Shortly after the movie opened last month, bloggers began extolling the style virtues of the modified version of the retro Rom design, with fat canary-hued shoelaces and “Zissou” printed on the side.
Josh Rubin, 30, a New York-based software designer who blogs about eye-catching products on his site Cool Hunting (, was quite taken with the unique sneak. “I liked the color combination

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  1. i thought the retro hipster thing was over. damn!