Convicted Felon Will Write Ad Industry’s Code of Ethics

From Adweek:

Former Ogilvy & Mather executive Shona Seifert today was sentenced in U.S. District Court here to 18 months imprisonment (and two years probation) for her role in a scheme to overbill the government’s $1 billion Office of National Drug Control Policy account to cover a $3 million revenue shortfall on the business.
Seifert must also pay a $125,000 fine and a $1,000 special assessment, as well as write a “code of ethics” for the ad industry.

I can’t wait to read that. Anyone got any suggestions for her to throw in there?
UPDATE (7:45 PM): Edward O’Meara has some very interesting thoughts on the whole Ogilvy overbilling scandal, and I tend to agree with much of what he says.

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  1. Wanda Watson says:

    Shona Siefert is a liar, scumbag, and rude hag who is getting her just desserts after defrauding the government.
    I worked with her for years and it’s great to see her get a proper sentence 1.) because she’s guilty as hell and 2.) because she’s such a vile reprobate of a human being. I hope she enjoys contemplating her pathetic life and destroyed career for nearly two years in the slammer.
    Have fun you witch — I love that you’re suffering for being guilty and because you are such a wretched slag.
    Better luck next lifetime.
    p.s. What a joke that one of the judge’s orders was for you (already judged guilty of not being ethical) to write an ethical guideline document for the ad industry. That’s like asking a child molester to write a guide about why it’s bad to child molest.

  2. Call me crazy, but I don’t think Wanda is particularly fond of Ms. Siefert. I haven’t witnessed such a breathtaking display of hate-filled invective since Thanksgiving dinner with my relatives.

  3. Apparently so, and Wanda has her cut-and-paste on overdrive today, check the comments on this post.