Consumers Who Make Commercials Are Not Typical Consumers

Shannon Stephaniuk of Glossy was just saying the other day how tired she is of Doritos’ user generated videos. So when her friend, director Aleysa Young, shared
her spot for Doritos Viralcity, she was worried that she’d hate it. But she didn’t.

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  1. I hated it enough for Shannon and myself.

  2. No worse than 80% of what’s being done by so-called BDA’s. However, not better either.What does it all mean???

  3. What does it all mean? Ah…how can I resist such a huge question?
    It means that contests are a lot better than they used to be.
    In the old days, a contest involved dropping one’s name in a bucket. Now, in order to play you first must get out your video recording device and make something with it, then you get to drop your name in the brand’s contest bucket.